Kerry Von Erich (1960-1993 aged 33)

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The Adkisson family, better known as the Von Erichs, are described as the hard-bodied, golden-haired Patrick Roy Avalanche Jersey , bare-chested hunks of Texas.

The Start

The Von Erich family starts with Fritz who held many important titles in his career. Fritz was very influential during his career not only as an NWA president and president of WCCW (the company he created) but especially for his very important role in Japanese wrestling where he helped the industry revive again after the death of Rikidōzan. Fritz died in 1997, aged 68, after a battle with lung cancer which spread to his brain.

Jack Von Erich

The Von Erichs family glory is blurred by a series of deaths starting from the first son who died whilst at his neighbors house who had been remodeling and left some wiring exposed. Jackie brushed against the wiring knocking him unconscious and fell face down into a puddle of melted snow and drowned at the age of 7.

This death was not the last family tragedy as four of the other five children of Fritz died prematurely and tragically.

David Von Erich (1958 – 1984 aged 25)

David is attributed with many memorable feuds facing Harley Race, Ric Flair (several times for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship) and teaming with brothers Kevin and Kerry against the Fabulous Freebirds winning the Missouri Heavyweight Championship several times.

David was set to face Ric Flair once again for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in a match that would (according to rumors) see him emerge as winner but David did not make it; he died in 1984, a few days before the match.

The doctors report states that he died of acute enteritis but Ric Flair states that it was a drug overdose that really killed him and that Bruiser Brody (a fellow wrestler who found David) disposed of the narcotics by flushing them down a toilet before the police arrived.

Mick Foley states that the cause of death appears to be a drug overdose. The Von Erichs family never issued the death certificate or doctors report.

Kerry Von Erich (1960-1993 aged 33)

Kerry spent the majority of his career wrestling in World Class Championship Wrestling and participated in well known feuds such as those against Gino Hernandez, Icema. Cheap Jerseys Online

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