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Red Sox To Retire Wade Boggs No 26 - RealGM Wiretap
The Boston Red Sox have announced that they will retire Wade Boggs' No. 26 at Fenway Park in a pregame ceremony on May 26.

Boggs air jordan 1 shattered backboard restock , who was a first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee in 2005, is wearing a Red Sox cap on his plaque.

"I am so humbled and honored to be among the greatest legends to ever put on a uniform for the amazing city of Boston," Boggs said in a statement. "To say that your number will never be worn again is the highest honor an athlete can receive. Thank you."

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Ortiz Open To Anything After Humiliating Talks With Red Sox - RealGM Wiretap In a Spanish-language interview with USA Today, David Ortiz has indicated that money will be the determining factor when he hits the free agent market. Calling last year's arbitration process with the Red Sox "humiliating" and "embarrassing", Ortiz said that once he hits free agency, he'll be "open to anything." "If you go crazy and give contracts to whoever comes along despite not knowing how they're going to do, then you don't give me my due consideration nike air jordan retro 1 cheap , even though I do my thing every year, [expletive] that," he added. "I'm going to be open to anything. My mentality is not going to be, 'I like it here.' It's going to be, 'Bring it to the table, and we'll see what happens.'" Ortiz was seeking a two-year deal from the Red Sox last offseaon at the same salary he'd received in 2011 ($12.5 million), but Boston would only offer a multiyear contract if Ortiz accepted less money. The sides went to arbitration and Ortiz was awarded $14.25 million. "It was humiliating," Ortiz said. "There's no reason a guy like me should go through that. All I was looking for was two years, at the same salary. "They ended up giving me [$2.025 million] more than that, and look at my numbers this year. Tell me if they wouldn't have been better off. "And yet they don't hesitate to sign other guys. It was embarrassing." Several GMs Predict Red Sox Will Sign David Price - RealGM Wiretap

As many as six general managers predicted to Peter Gammons that the Boston Red Sox will sign David Price amid reports that they are the leaders for the left-hander.

"I just think that [Dave] Dombrowski loves him and he is part of the job Dave took," one general manager said.

A National League GM speculated, "Boston will go $30-40M above anyone else."

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