Renovated old house old furniture anti-virus can not be careless

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Specialized renovation of the old house of Taiwan field workers said that whether it is renovation of old houses or public works, wood and other materials, a variety of surface coatings, under uncertainty, the construction staff at least wear masks and gloves to prevent the wood stabbed, Paint intrusion.
People sweep old houses, hands and feet, neck or back and other exposed skin, due to exposure to dirty substances, there will be red and other allergic symptoms, mild symptoms, wiping drugs can be treated, serious need to injections, medication and so on.
Recently renovated old houses, renewable furniture is very popular, some old building materials may be used to toxic substances, cleaning, renovation and construction should pay attention to prevent. He mentioned, for example, that many monuments and old houses of wood had been treated with chrome arsenate as antiseptic, and later found to release toxic substances.
Widely used in mattresses, pillows and other furniture, and computer equipment, rubber toys, fire protection materials "brominated flame retardants", the Environmental Protection Agency to "interfere with the normal operation of the body of hormones," on January 1 last year, Polybrominated diphenyl ethers "can still be used in the manufacture of electronic products and electronic products.
Hong Zhaojia reminded, brominated flame retardants and people most contact, is the daily home of the sofa, curtains, etc., the sofa is damaged, the curtains are weathering, it is recommended not to use.
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