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Boras To Discuss Terms For Ryu Hyun jin - RealGM Wiretap
Agent Scott Boras said that he and Dodgers GM Ned Colletti have a meeting set for next week adidas nmd human race red , during which they'll talk terms for 25-year-old Korean lefty Ryu Hyun-jin, whom Boras compared with Daisuke Matsuzaka and Yu Darvish, a pitcher who can step into a major role on a contending team immediately.

"He can jump in and be a third starter on a championship-caliber Major League team," said Boras. "He comes with a great pedigree. This is a rare opportunity."

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In essence, the only thing the article says, in 500 - 600 words or so, is ?Do your homework?. -There are no concrete suggestions as to how to do the research. -There are no suggested sources where the reader can go to find information. -There are no criteria by which the reader can decide which camera is best for her. In short, the article might not as well have been written. The writer is merely telling the reader what she already knew and provides no real information. Remember: it's not ?content that is king?; it's quality content that is king. DEFICIENCY NUMBER TWO: OVERDEPENDENCE ON KEYWORD ANALYSIS Just about every article on writing articles for the web emphasizes that your creation should be ?rich? in the keywords your readership is inputting into the search engines. The trouble comes when you try to include all of the right keywords in your article so that people will find and read it. The danger is that you actually degrade the content of the article and make it less useful. DEFICIENCY NUMBER THREE: NOT GRABBING THE READER'S ATTENTION AT THE BEGINNING There's nothing that attracts a reader more quickly to an article than a short story, anecdote or personal experience that identifies her with the subject. This anecdote or short story should be based on experience, either your own, an acquaintance adidas nmd human race for sale , or a plausible situation, and should confront the reader with a problem, immerse her in a dilemma, or invoke an emotion that directly leads to the solution posed by the article. Many article writers start firing facts at the reader and doggedly go on in the same paragraph to advance the solution, without really building up the reader's curiosity or expectations. DEFICIENCY NUMBER FOUR: NO ORGANIZATION Many writers, when they decide it's time to pump out their daily (or minute-ly) articles, sit down and write paragraph after paragraph until the word count reaches 850 words or so without any discernible organization to their work. 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