Oakley has turned the outrageous up

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It was truly serendipitous timing to receive two pairs of Oakleys for an oakley sunglasses uk outlet Review and Oakley Frogskin Summit Review sunglasses at this point of time.My poor old Oakley Andy Irons Hijinx are battered from being used as “gardening” glasses. Perhaps it’s a tribute to the longevity and robustness of Oakleys that they are still with us, yes?It’s always good to have some casual Oakleys for travel, podium finishes or whatever.

After wearing a pair of oakley frogskins sale uk around for a few weeks, I’m happy to report these are just tremendous.They’re super light, comfy with good peripheral vision. They have thicker lens frames than I am used to – which took a but of getting used to, but I became accustomed to them quickly.Can’t fault these. They’re just so nice I don’t want to wear them! Plus I feel as cool as Cippo. In black socks. In the zebra kit.

Man I wanted some. Bad. I used to spend time copying the Oakley logo onto my folders and binders and hunted high and low for oakley frogskins polarized uk Thermonuclear Protection car stickersIn the intervening period until today, I’ve had one pair of M Frames, some Eye Jackets, and a fleeting dalliance with Arnettes, and here we are, back amongst a Frogskin renaissance. This time though, Oakley has turned the outrageous up to a Spinal Tap “I-leven” and dropped a special range of Frogskins called the Summit series.

This time though, oakley holbrook polarized uk has turned the outrageous up to a Spinal Tap “I-leven” and dropped a special range of Frogskins called the Summit series.You might remember Frogskins from such excellent podium appearances as: “Here I go again” by Joaquin Rodriguez.Kate was giddy with glee upon spying these – “Oh no my Timmy, these don’t suit you, they’ll suit me much better, thankyouverymuch!”

I did manage to try these on – wow. Light, compact and just simple. Kate reports similar levels of optical joy. I don’t need to go into the optical specs of these specs – the oakley latch polarized sunglasses sale website has the salient info.The old school Oakley logos of course adorn the Summits.The colours of the Summits ostensibly pay homage to the colours of the Rocky Mountains (I’m intrigued to know where this inspiration came from!). I’ll be damned though if these colours don’t reflect the colours of cycling…

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