What factors are closely related to printing quote

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What factors are closely related to printing quotes?
With the domestic economy continues to develop, the printing industry also will have a very big step forward, not only present the quantity of printing production of various types of enterprises significantly increased, but also the total production of the domestic printing is constantly increasing. Nevertheless, competition in the domestic printing industry has been very intense, all types of printing companies are constantly projecting their strengths to attract more users, especially in the printing quotes, and each printing company will give the most competitive price of printing. So, what factors are closely related to printing quotes?
In general, printing quotes have a certain relationship with all types of printed material price. For example, printing products use paper and inks for printing quotes and so have a greater relationship. In the printing market, the printing paper prices are variable, some top quality printing paper, mostly which will be relatively high price, so that use of such printing paper production of printed products will be mostly high prices.
In addition, printing inks for printing quotes will be greatly affected. Printing inks generally be divided into domestic and imported printing ink two categories, as imports in terms of quality printing ink is much better than domestic products. So, prices are generally high, while the domestic printing ink is generally relatively low prices. So, printing inks for printing quotes will have an impact and volatility.

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