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436 people! Wuhan, the number of first down jackets and coats aid hit a record high - Trade News-21tradenet.com, global trading platform
Original title: 436 people! Wuhan, the number of first-aid record of the highest number of journalists throughout the record of the first day of the emergency staff: the first aid personnel to send the patient reporter Zou Bin Photo taken: Cheng Zhengjun Khan as rain reporter Dai Hui correspondent Huang Jinbo photo: students under the hot test reporter Liu All the correspondent Liu Tao photo: admin manager to share the bike reporter Zhou Moncler di sconto Yijun Chupu gold newspaper reporter Yang Yang intern Zhu Yihui correspondent Luo Shuangping 3 pm yesterday, Wuhan roadside temperature rose sharply. After the implementation of the new balance pas cher three emergency, the Wuhan City emergency center Hankou station health care workers have been all wet clothes. 'Recently hot weather, uncomfortable patients more than usual.' Doctor Pan Jun dark skin, speech plain. Reporters look at the station medical staff attendance records found that the average daily treatment of patients about 10 people. Pan Jun said that the average treatment of a patient about an hour and a half. Have not had time to rush back to the lounge, they were a phone call to the scene. Even the clothes are wet and dry, dry piumini moncler and wet, but Pan Jun and other health care workers but did not care, 'life off the day, we have nothing to work Zapatos Adidas hard.' Week treatment of heat stroke patients 70 cases increased by 169% over the same period last year 9:00, the reporter went to Wuhan City emergency center Hankou station, Pan Jun together with the two nurses, two stretchers nike chaussures and drivers have a task. Staff told reporters that Metro Line 3 Yunfei Road Station has a 30-year-old woman fainted, 'the phone described her dizziness, cold sweat, may Nike Air Max cheap adidas shoes be hypoglycemia or mild heat stroke.' Pan Jun day work has nike discount just begun. As of 9:30 yesterday, Wuhan City, emergency center has received a phone call 232, effective for 79 cases. Hot weather to the first aid work to increase the pressure, it is understood that July 17 to 23, the center of 70 patients with heat stroke treatment, compared with 26 cases over the same period last year, an increase of 169%. 'We have a record yesterday,' the emergency center dispatcher staff told reporters on the 24th Wuhan City, a total of 120 emergency treatment of 436 people, 'last year only 432 people.' Every day the emergency center will receive thousands of 120 hotline, which is behind the 45 sites of hundreds of health care workers braved the heat back and forth. 11 o'clock at noon, Pan Jun back to the lounge, just drank a few saliva, 12:05 and set out. Reporters call him to eat a few mouthfuls of rice and then go, he said: 'Time is life, can not eat on time, we are used Christian Louboutin talon to.' Old district without elevator emergency personnel hand lift shoulder to rescue patients treated two cases Patient, Pan Jun smiled and told reporters that this is the easiest ambulance work, 'turn the general condition is not heavy, the situation is not urgent.' Just finished, he received a phone call, Hanzheng Street, a 70-year-old dad in the 5th floor home disease. 'I guess this building zapatillas nike mujer did not lift the elevator.' Pan Jun said to the stretcher Tian Tian master. It turned out that the emergency center near the Hankou station for the old district, no elevator residential building, the stretcher only hand lift the shoulder carry the patient. 4:05 pm back to the lounge, Pan Jun Botas UGG they just lie down for 15 minutes, a phone call again. 'Knock the door absolutely can not hear, the phone a ring, no matter how much sleep can wake up.' The driver chef said with a smile, while pulling Pan Jun got on the car. To the scene in the West Road, the medical staff to get back and Scarpe nike uomo forth back and forth to find a few times but did not see the help of personnel, call the Michael Kors Pas Cher police a dozen times did not turn on. 'This situation is quite a lot, some people may be slow to find that no ambulance was gone.' Pan Jun in turn comfort the reporter: 'This is a good thing, at least that this person is not serious.' Just a few Hour experience, the reporter has felt the emergency medical staff life is not the law. Pan Jun is very optimistic to ridicule: 'That is, do this line, you just sleep, just eat will definitely come to live.' Sure enough, 4:40 pm, Pan Jungang back to the lounge, the staff bought A watermelon is open for everyone to solve the heat, melon just cut, the phone again. 'This situation is critical, I heard that the patient's mind is unclear, and the body is like hot boiled water, this situation a minute later, the scarpe nike patient may have life-threatening.' Too late to talk to reporters, they sit on ambulance gallop Go away. Do not know if they can not successfully eat dinner, or was a call to call the rescue line. Salvage workers into the underground pipe is dry 7 hours gold newspaper (Reporter Dai Hui intern Ye Zhirong correspondent chaussure nike 2017 Huang Jinbo) construction cut off the drainage pipe, not timely treatment of the consequences of worry, time waits! July 24, Hanyang District Water Affairs Bureau drainage team Shuyu two class manager Cheng Zhengjun in the repair of underground pipe network when the heat fell to the ground, fortunately was promptly rushed to the adidas chaussures hospital treatment was out of danger. Yesterday, reporters in the Coach bags 2017 Hanyang hospital to see Cheng Zhengjun, he is playing Diaozhen, interview still look a little tired. Originally, the day Hanyang melts near the road demolition, a district of drainage pipes were cut off, resulting in poor drainage within the district, sewage cross flow. After receiving the task, Cheng Zhengjun with several workers immediately rushed to the scene, braved the heat for repair. Near noon, the road temperature up to 50 鈩?or more, we have been sweat soaked clothes. Cheng Zhengjun jump into the pipeline construction, the pipeline in the heat intolerable, but also exudes bursts of stench. After seven hours of continuous fighting, they finally grab the evening peak in the work before the repair of the drainage system, and exhausted Cheng Zhengjun also because of heat stroke and fainted at the construction site. According to the water sector, 41-year-old Cheng Zhengjun as a salvage workers have been 10 years, where the altar of the two staff of a total of 18, equipped with three silt truck, a waterwheel, a winch, is mainly responsible for 34 The old moncler coats community nearly 500 septic tanks, more than 6,000 various models of the covers, more than 50 kilometers of various branches, and half of the main city of Hanyang more than 3,000 inspection wells, more than 12,000 into the wells, more than 40 km trunk Daily maintenance of the network. 'The seed player' is not afraid of their heat afraid of hot broken pandora 2017 rice gold newspaper (reporter Liu all correspondent Liu Tao) Lion Hill, wild Chi Lake, a piece of rice oil, rice fields, dotted with some young men and women 'labor' Figure. Originally, here is the Huazhong Agricultural University crop breeding professional rice field. In the field of 'labor' is the crop genetics and ugg pas cher breeding professional undergraduate, master's and doctoral students. Into this piece of rice fields, found here with other rice fields are not the same: some rice is high, some rice is short; some rice has been heading, and some have just inserted seedlings. Some students took the pen and the book to do the record, and some selected rice, and some artificial pollination. Because they are the seeds of the hybrid and screening, so some people call them 'seed'. From the first batch of rice in April to the last batch of rice seed harvest in October, they throughout the summer and summer hot season should be spent in the hot sun, regardless of boys and girls, every day to roll up trousers in the mud to take spike pollination Such as test operation. For the feeling of barefoot, girls Zhang Sang said that the foot was broken or was burned by the stone is not what, she is most afraid of rice mite allergy, itching unbearable, affecting the normal study and study. And research two girls Liu Xiaofei told reporters that this chaussures nike year's extreme weather, the most so uncomfortable is not hot, but this hot weather is not conducive to rice development. In order to maintain the city's traffic and image, so that the public can use the shared bicycle, a group of shared cycling dispatcher in Moncler Outlet the summer of this year, in order to maintain the city's scarpe nike traffic and image, so that the public can use the shared bicycle, Day to pay in silence. Yesterday 9:30, the reporter went to Xu Dong Avenue New World Department Store Michael Kors Bolsos before the bus station, to find the motorcycles, At this time he was heavily armed, hats, facial towels, cuffs, cool oil and Huoxiangzhengqi water and other readily available. He said that these dispatch specialists worked eight hours a day and had five hours of work outdoors. The dispatcher is responsible for arranging the cycling of the chaos every day. The dispatching distribution allows the sharing area to have enough shared bicycles for the public to use and find the shared bicycles that are damaged and damaged. Lu fruit told reporters that he dispatched 80-100 vehicles per day to find a private car, damaged car about 30, the Wuhan City, like him, such as the motorcycles cycling dispatcher has nearly 500. When Lu fruit began to work, the reporter found that the bus station has been surrounded by a shared bicycle, surrounded by a variety of free parking, nearly 200 vehicles. Lu fruit will be those who fall or chaos of the motorcycles cycling one by one right and placed neatly. He told reporters, Fu Ke-mao side of the lack of vehicles, and now to deploy some vehicles in the past, and then he began to more than 60 bicycles one by one on the cart. Reporters came forward to help, found the seat and the body are tan hot, and Lu fruit just smiled, wiped his face with sweat on his face.

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