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'516 Road love car group' story: 11 years to stick to a special child to school - Question and Answer on Alibaba
Reporter Song Lei Yu Tantan Luobin correspondent Liu Ting Zhang Shaobin 7:30 am every working day, a bus will be on time in the West on the road, a group of poor students to the bank at Coach bags 2017 the embankment of the river bank secondary school, such a The situation has lasted for 11 years. '516 Road love car group' since the opening in July 2006, five car drivers continue to love love, escort students safe home and school between. scarpe nike In 2015, this group won the 'Wuhan City disabled advanced collective' title. July 1, jointly organized by the Yangtze River Daily and Wuhan Citizen's House, the public hall held in the first 171, '516 Road car group' third to fifth driver Fang Jing, Lin climbing, Sheng Jun stage, about Car Moncler di sconto group for 11 years of Zapatos Adidas love story. The first day of driving by children pulling hair 2005, Jiangan cheap adidas shoes secondary school moved to the embankment, to solve the problem of students, parents to school, the city bus group Nike Air Max a company decided to send a daily 516 bus shuttle students. In 2006, '516 Road love car group' was born. Love car group third driver Fang Jing admitted that when the leadership arrangements for her to take this special task, she was a little reluctant, heart disturbed. When the first day of her delivery of the child, the most worrying thing happened. On the same day, the children on the car, she is preparing to step on the gas, suddenly, a child came to her behind, grabbed her hair a force to tear, pain her heart. Fang Jing quickly call for help, Jiangan secondary school with the teacher Liu scarpe nike Hui arrived in time to resolve the 'crisis.' A few days later, Fang Jing in the car, a student suddenly rushed to the cab, grab the hands of the steering wheel, leading to the vehicle emergency stop. 'At that time I really do not want to do, but love can not be broken in my hands.' After the emotional stability, Fang Jing decided to continue to serve the children, take the initiative to communicate with Liu Hui teacher to understand the reasons for the child attack her. Liu Hui told her that intellectual disabilities, autistic children emotional instability, some small changes in the environment will cause their radical reaction, attack her because zapatillas nike mujer the driver changed, causing adidas chaussures unease. Understand the situation, Fang Jing take the initiative to close the students, communicate with them to eliminate strangers. 'A look, a greetings, you can make their minds at new balance pas cher ease.' One or two months later, the children accepted Fang Jing. Memories of love car group of the time, the most so that Fang Jing was pleased that the children and parents are very grateful to her. During her illness, her parents' committee of the Riverside School of Counseling made spontaneous donations, and many parents and students went to the down jackets and coats hospital to visit her, including the one who had pulled her hair. And children with autistic playfare in 2013, Lin Panli took Fang Jian in the hands of the steering wheel, joined the car group, his head is not smooth. 'That day really scared me enough to choke!' Lin climbing love car the first day, behind a big boy staring at him, seems to be attacking him at any time, he was very flustered. Along the way, Liu Hui watched the boy, the vehicle safe to school. Liu Hui told Lin climbing, the child suffering from autism, emotional mutation, the need for more small behavior to appease. Since then, Lin Pan force take the initiative to close the boy, for him to open the water, to share with him early, from time to time to hold hands, touch the head, the child to see his eyes moderate, and piumini moncler gradually, they became a playmate. Lin Pan Li said, open love car group and open the bus is the biggest difference is greater responsibility, need to pay more. When driving, he controls the speed, to maintain a moderate speed, try to avoid prolonged parking, timely adjustment of the temperature inside the compartment. When driving, he often through the rearview mirror to observe the children's emotional changes, once there are abnormal circumstances, they take timely measures to prevent emergencies. 'To 'special children' drive, need more careful, patient and intimate.' Lin Pan force Moncler Outlet concluded. There is something to Lin Pan force to think of the heart comfortable: 3 years ago, he was shopping in the supermarket, coincides with his daily delivery of students and grandmother, greeted, Lin climbing to continue shopping, out of the supermarket, this The child went to his side, a bottle of Coke into his hand, said: 'Lin Shushu, you are very tired, hard.' Listened to the child, Lin climbing happy and moved, breath to drink this bottle of Coke. 'To a group of special children out of hand, to give care, nike discount this is a very accomplished thing.' Join the volunteer team to learn knowledge 80 after the army is '516 Road car car' the current driver, more than a year, He has a large number of student fans, the children are called 'Sheng brother'. Just take the task, Sheng Jun full of emotions, always want to quickly and small passengers to make friends, often with them to do the game, but also generous to buy snacks, drinks, but I do not know 'too much force.' One day, while driving, an autistic child rushed to the cab to find him to snack, almost causing danger. Liu Hui told Sheng Jun, autistic children prone to emotional fluctuations, will also be dependent on the environment, playing the game will make them too excited to give them a day to buy snacks, will Michael Kors Bolsos let them moncler coats form inertia thinking, once the interruption will chaussures nike not adapt. In order nike chaussures to better understand the knowledge of children with intellectual disabilities, Liu Hui's introduction, Sheng Jun joined the 'watch home' autobiographical volunteer service team, when a volunteer. In his spare time, he and a group of autistic children do art, sports, and have sentiment: 'These children are sensitive, fragile, need more gentle care, care.' Lecture on Botas UGG the scene, the host asked Sheng Jun: what let Do you keep this special job without regret? Sheng Jun replied: 'As long as the children see the smiling faces, I feel there is endless strength.' '516 Road car car' driver Fang Jing (right three), Lin climbing (second), Sheng Jun (Right one) Scarpe nike uomo guest public auditorium, about 11 years of love to pass the story of the reporter Liu Bin photo interactive love to give the audience point praise 516 road car is happy family 'I have been crying, their love beyond the Michael Kors Pas Cher ordinary, touched me. 'July 1,' China's good man ', love entrepreneur Wei Jianying site comments' 516 Road love car group ':' They have three kinds of valuable things - love, dedication, adhere to. 'Live host Wang Jiajie also Deeply moved, take the initiative to put forward when the river bank secondary school school volunteers, for children to read, read aloud. Christian Louboutin talon Interactive links, several river bank secondary school students parents boarded the ugg pas cher stage, to express their gratitude. A child's grandmother said, 516 Road, before the opening of the car, she sent children to school is not smooth. Once she took her child on a bus, the car had a passenger to the child to cast a strange look, but also laughed at the discussion, so she was very angry and sad. 'Fortunately, there is a 516 road car, the car is a happy family, no discrimination, only love.' A child's father said he and his wife are double workers, no time pandora 2017 to send children with intellectual disabilities school, '516 Road chaussure nike 2017 car car' Solved his puzzle, guarded the child for 11 years. A few years ago, his family moved to the lake area, closer to the school, but the children do not want to change the habit of sitting 516 road car every day. 'If you do not feel the warmth, love, she will not so insist, thanks to these loving drivers.' (Changjiang Daily reporter Song Lei)

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