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561 sanitation workers and left-behind new balance pas cher children tour Shenzhen
Artificial intelligence read: hundreds of sanitation workers left behind children in the Shenzhen Wild Animal Park. This summer, there are so a group of special children in Shenzhen, their parents with ecstasy and hard work of sweat, in exchange for the city's clean and beautiful ... ... they are sanitation workers children. Beautiful Shenzhen Public Welfare Foundation for the health care workers left behind children grants. Hundreds of sanitation workers left behind in the Shenzhen Wild Animal Park. This summer, in Shenzhen, there are so a group of special children, their parents with ecstasy and hard work of sweat, in exchange for the city of the city, the United Michael Kors Bolsos States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Of the clean, beautiful ... ... they are sanitation workers children. In order to give these children an unforgettable summer vacation, so that they harvest happy and happy; in order to allow sanitation workers family reunion, so that sanitation workers left behind children to grow knowledge, broaden their horizons, feel Shenzhen as a reform and opening up the window of the city's modernization ... ... pandora 2017 Yesterday, Shenzhen City Urban Management Bureau, the beautiful Shenzhen Public Welfare Foundation and the Shenzhen Wildlife Park scarpe nike in hand 561 health workers left behind children, open three days of 'care for sanitation workers concerned about the left behind children' activities, the scene is very warm and friendly atmosphere, so that they Moncler Outlet are in Shenzhen Spent a relaxing chaussures nike day. It is understood that 'care for sanitation workers concerned Christian Louboutin talon about the left behind children' series of activities is the focus of Shenzhen urban management activities of the brand, is to promote the construction of humanistic urban management and deepening the construction of an important part of urban civilization. 'Special day off to accompany the child' as a city beautician, sanitation workers have an unknown hard work. Yesterday, Jiang aunt tune out all day long, accompanied by her daughter to pay attention to the Lotus Hill Deng Xiaoping statue, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shenzhen Bay Park, wild zoo animal acrobatics. 'Come, help me and her daughter take a photo.' 40-year-old ginger aunt smiled and said to colleagues. Jiang aunt from Jiangxi, adidas chaussures made five years of sanitation workers. Every summer vacation, the daughter of the study at home is usually coming to Shenzhen. 'Daughter is very sensible, I finished cleaning, my daughter to help me put the garbage loaded on the car, I Zapatos Adidas let her in the back of the cart, she had to hold the hand pull the car.' Daughter's well-behaved and thoughtful touched her, as long as See the daughter, the Moncler di sconto day of fatigue suddenly vanished. Jiang aunt introduced, she is now responsible for the coastal road around the roadside cleaning, usually busy with work, no chance to Lotus Hill, Shenzhen Bay and other famous attractions to take a look at this event, she brought her own children Up, feeling very happy. Visit the sanitation workers group, from Shekou municipal sanitation workers Liu aunt was impressive. She came from Hunan, in Shenzhen as a 21-year cleaners. More than 7,000 days and nights, her figure is already covered with Shekou streets, from the front line cleaner to the industry predecessors. Her son is 15 years old, not much, shy shy. Young man looks quite taller than their peers slightly lean, clean and tidy, Michael Kors Pas Cher but also seemed a bit steady and capable. For the study of his son, Liu aunt appreciated with Canada. 'In his hometown of his family and his uncle to live with him, moncler coats his uncle more than 60 years old, housework by his full sweep, usually often help uncle to work under this year he was on the third day, particularly good academic performance, I hope He read the book read, do a culture of people. 'Lotus Hill in the top, looking at Deng Xiaoping bronze statue, overlooking the tall buildings in Shenzhen, the children at the scene, constantly asked parents to help take pictures, very warm. 'Yes, there is an elephant, can I give it a banana?' Yesterday afternoon, at the end of the trip, sanitation workers and the staff of the giraffe. The deep left-behind children came to the Shenzhen Wild Animal Park, enjoy acrobatic performances, scarpe nike and animal intimate contact ... ... in laughter, spent a pleasant afternoon. At noon the same day, in Shenzhen wild zoo square, although the sun into the volts is very sinister, but wearing white hat children did not feel tired, but excitedly took the parents to play the zoo with the major animal exhibition, not only to see the giant panda, Tigers, hippos, swans and many other rare animals, but also experience the hugs with the orangutans hug, shake hands with the dolphins, kiss with the sea lions, hand feeding high giraffe, nike discount touched a long elephant nose ... ... children and animals close communication But also closer to the distance with their parents. 'I am from Chongqing Fengdu County, the first Scarpe nike uomo grade. This is my first time to Shenzhen. I see today Changqi deer, peacock, then want to see animals, most want to see the lions. Shenzhen down jackets and coats zapatillas nike mujer fun, I want More stay a few days. 'This year just on the first grade Wang Xiao Yue excitedly told reporters. Wang Xiao's father in the side of some guilty to touch her head, said, 'It is understood that the Nike Air Max lunch at noon that day is by real kung fu free of charge which provided. In addition to visit the park and animal intimate contact, the parents and children also watched the Shenzhen Wild Animal Park in the summer cheap adidas shoes heavy launch of the 'Universal Circus Oscar' series of wonderful performances, from five continents of more than 100 animal stars, 'Kung Fu elephant' 'Tiger brother' 'parrot adventure' 'wild speed' and other eight classic magic struck, Alternative interpretation of the classic film clips, parents and children have been wonderful performance amusement, issued bursts of laughter. It is understood that since the opening of the Shenzhen Wild Animal Park, has been actively held a variety of charitable activities, free park number of nearly 10 million visitors, advocate care for vulnerable groups, love wild animals, protect the ecological environment. 'This year, the beautiful Shenzhen Public Welfare Foundation will continue to nearly 600 members of the sanitation workers to pay 2,000 yuan grants to encourage them to learn knowledge and skills.' City Urban Management Bureau deputy inspector Yang Lei said, 'Care of sanitation workers concerned about the left-behind children' is the City Urban Management Bureau this year, a series of activities related to sanitation workers last year, the beautiful Shenzhen Public Welfare Foundation for more than 300 left-behind children issued grants, this year will continue, the children are 6 to 16 years old, working in Shenzhen sanitation workers in the home of the children. Yang Lei said that clean and tidy Shenzhen is our common city home, hope that the public can understand, support, participate in sanitation work, care for the sanitation workers groups, respect and cherish the sanitation workers labor results, together to join our beautiful Shenzhen City Public Action , To develop a good living habits, and actively participate in the 'garbage does not fall, Shenzhen more beautiful' 'garbage classification and reduction' of urban civilization to create action, common care neat city environment for the beautiful construction of Shenzhen to add a beautiful human landscape. It is understood that the vast majority of sanitation workers in Shenzhen from the mainland cities. Because of the long working hours and low treatment, most sanitation workers will choose to leave their children in their hometowns. According to incomplete statistics, many years with the sanitation workers and parents separated the number of left-behind children more than 1,000. In 2015, the Municipal Civilization Committee attaches great importance to the students initiated the care of sanitation workers initiatives and actions to care for the Shenzhen sanitation workers as a spiritual civilization construction of key projects, the City Urban Management Bureau jointly 16 units of party and government groups to carry Botas UGG out ' The United States off love ugg pas cher sanitation workers 'series of caring activities, called on the general public to actively participate. In recent years, the municipal government from the settlement of the difficulties of sanitation workers, adopted a series of measures to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of sanitation workers. First, the city government piumini moncler will 'promote the promotion of sanitation operations service prices' into the municipal government in 2015 Coach bags 2017 focus on the work, from 2016 to clean the cleaning unit price of not less than 10 yuan / square meter year standards; district (new district) combined with the actual area , To organize a new round of environmental sanitation tender work, and effectively increase the cleaning and cleaning funds into the implementation of the new operating price standards for the upgrading of sanitation operations and improve the quality of sanitation workers laid the foundation for nike chaussures treatment. Second, in March this year, the municipal government issued the 'on the further improvement of sanitation workers in the implementation details,' from the basic wage, overtime pay, job allowance, high temperature allowance, five insurance a gold, occupational chaussure nike 2017 disease prevention and control, paid leave, children's education One by one to be protected and implemented. (Correspondent Zhang Chenhui Cui Songwen / map) [Editor: Liu Xiaoyu]

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