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951 mainland students in the junction of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) won the scholarship of 214 - Finance News
(The highest score of 955), the lowest score of science students 604 points (ranking: 3551), continuous (Hong Kong), the number of liberal arts students in Guangdong scarpe nike Province, Two years to become the province of institutions in the highest score of the university. Hong scarpe nike Kong, China (Shenzhen) comprehensive evaluation test Shenzhen test site of the written examination site. (Reporter Yu Lijie correspondent Ma Mingxia) reporter learned from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), as of July 21, the school in 2017 mainland undergraduate enrollment work has been successfully concluded, from 25 provinces across the country ( Municipalities and autonomous regions), 14 different ethnic groups of 951 students in September due Zapatos Adidas to meet in Shenzhen, witness the completion of the new campus, and the University of common growth. nike discount It is reported that in the enrollment plan than last year, the basis of the increase of more than 100 cases, Hong Kong and China Moncler Outlet moncler coats (Shenzhen) this year, the number and quality of students recorded in the region still maintain a good momentum of growth. Science averages more than 124 points on a line, the liberal arts averaged more than 81 points on a line, most of the down jackets and coats provincial (city) liberal arts minimum ranking in the first 1%, the lowest level of science in the first 2% Points to 135 points. (Shenzhen) comprehensive assessment test written examination for two consecutive years in Guangdong Province, the highest recorded in the institutions of the reporter learned that this year is the Hong Kong University of China (Shenzhen) enrollment work to carry out the fourth year, this year, Guangdong Province admission Of the liberal arts students minimum adidas chaussures score of 597 points (ranking: 955), all ranked 26,000 candidates in the province before the 0.3%, more than a line of 77 points; science students minimum score 604 points (ranking: 3551), all Ranked the province of 350,000 candidates in the former 1%, more than a line of 120 points, for two consecutive years to become the province of institutions in the highest score of the university. In 2017, Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen) in Guangdong Province through the '631 comprehensive evaluation test' admission of 165 people, through pure college entrance examination mode admission of 36 people, that is, a total enrollment in Guangdong 201 people. Reporters learned from Moncler di sconto the school enrollment office, this year Nike Air Max the provincial liberal arts students score for Christian Louboutin talon the Hong Kong University (Shenzhen) continued to increase the heat, Guangdong Province, the first scientific science, Fujian Province, science and science, Shandong Province, the first single , Yunnan English single subjects of the first candidates, will be in September to study Hong Kong cheap adidas shoes (Shenzhen), in both the Chinese cultural heritage, but also the international atmosphere of the research university pursuit of academic dreams. In addition, the vast majority of provinces admitted to the science candidates are ranked 2%; liberal arts enrollment, the vast majority of provinces admitted to the liberal arts candidates ranked 1%, of which, Shanxi, Gansu, the lowest ranking of the province ranked 0.3 %, That is, the lowest admission of a candidate in the province hundreds of thousands of candidates in the top 250, Henan, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces received the lowest ranking of the province's top 0.5%. Xu Yangsheng principals came to the comprehensive assessment interview Hou Hou room to encourage candidates to relax. (Shenzhen) 'comprehensive evaluation of admission mode' of the ranks (college entrance examination results accounted for 60%, admission test scores pandora 2017 accounted for 30%, high school education (Shenzhen), Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, this year, Shanghai, Level test Scarpe nike uomo results accounted for 10%). It is reported that this year's comprehensive evaluation test enrollment heat and quality of students greatly improved, three provinces and cities were selected 3400 candidates to participate in Botas UGG the test, the competition is very intense. Among them, nearly 1,600 piumini moncler students in Guangdong participated in the examination, competition 165 admission seats, each ten people compete for an admission; Zhejiang nearly 1,600 students to take the exam, the number of almost doubled last year, the final admission of 102 students, the equivalent of Every 16 people only take 1 person. This year's comprehensive evaluation of students to apply for a good source of students to focus on the main focus of secondary school students. Candidates generally believe that the Hong Kong University of China (Shenzhen) comprehensive evaluation of written examination and interview questions are creative, focusing on students to comprehensively analyze and understand the ugg pas cher ability, in zapatillas nike mujer addition to examine the students' English ability to express, but also examine students to observe, imagine and social, Comprehensive evaluation of multiple admission model has been the parents and the community of universal nike chaussures praise. Parents volunteer to form 'Purple Michael Kors Pas Cher Legion'. Scholarship coverage rate of 23% To encourage outstanding students to Hong Kong University (Shenzhen) to study, Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen) to continue to increase the intensity of new scholarship grants. In 2017, 214 students received different types of scholarships, and the coverage of the scholarship reached 23%. In addition to the full scholarship of RMB12 million per year, the full scholarship of RMB95,000 and the semi-tuition fee scholarship of RMB4.75 million per year, this year has also set up a new scholarship to help Michael Kors Bolsos more children of working families Enter the international university study. At the same time, this year's new 30,000 yuan each year of the Bowen scholarship, not to college entrance examination results as a reference, but through interviews, examine the overall quality of students, innovation and international vision. This year, a total of 77 students with excellent overall quality performance through the interview to obtain the scholarship. In addition, the Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen) relevant person in charge said that this year the number of international undergraduate enrollment increased significantly compared with previous years. Up to now, a total of 157 students from chaussures nike the United States, new balance pas cher Canada, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Ukraine, Pakistan and other countries have received a significant increase in international enrollment and national Coach bags 2017 diversity , This year is expected to have nearly 50 international students into Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen). It is reported that the Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) mainland undergraduate admission notice and Xu Yangsheng principals wrote a letter will be delivered to the hands of students by the end of July, the mainland undergraduate students, international students will be August 30 and 31 two days to report, And the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) chaussure nike 2017 this year, more than 360 graduate students, doctoral students to participate in the September 3 opening ceremony. [Editor: Liu Ting]

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