How to arrange stickers printing color sequence?

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Four points arrangement of color series.

1, [link='http://www.chinaprintingmasters.com']stickers printing[/link] products have a full version of the field, and text, lines, patterns. Such as: wine box, trademark printing products, such as printing color sequence is best first printed text, line, pattern, and then put the full version of the field in the last computer printing, so that you can avoid because adhesive paper thick, collide with each other to wipe the bad impression when working paper, sticky dirty on the back of the phenomenon.

2, will be in front of deep color printing, a relatively shallow light color on the back, because the darker ink strong hiding power, adhesion, jump in front, facilitate overprint accurate, shallow light color covering power of the weak, in dieyin mild run behind the rules not easily observed, accordingly, the effect of the overprint.

3, often in a printing products, there are four color halftone electric network, and a continuous adjustable design, text, line, at this point, the four color should jump in network, electricity to overprint correctly, reduce the slip of paper, and then printing continuous adjustable text, line, pattern, to look for the primary and secondary on printing color sequence arrangement, difficult before they are easy to appropriate.

4, summer color change is big, every day and rainy season, to control temperature and humidity of the environment impact stickers printed paper moisture content is not average, wrinkling. Bending, stripped off become warped on uneven, before and after printing will be cut out of paper crib, semi-finished products tightly with plastic wrap.
Article from: http://www.chinaprintingmasters.com/News53.html

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