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Donaldson Company http://www.brownsrookiesproshop.com/robert-griffin-iii-browns-jersey/ , Inc. is one of the world's premier supplies of a wide variety of filtration systems and the replacement parts to go with each system. The company has a long-standing tradition of providing excellent customer service and first-rate products. Founded in 1915, Donaldson continues to develop new products to meet their customers filtration needs. They accomplish this through dedicated research and development.

Donaldson Filters are sold to customers in a kaleidoscope of industries, including the industrial and engine markets. The products the company supplies include fluid power systems designed for contamination control, bulk fuel and lube filter systems, air cleaning systems, compressed air and gas purification systems, power generation systems and more. The company employees approximately 10,000 employees, located at more than 30 manufacturing plants around the globe. Shares in Donaldson are traded on the NYSE (symbol: DCI).

Read on to find out more about the various kinds of Donaldson filters the company offers.

Donaldson Endurance Air Filters

Featuring exclusive nanofiber technolgoy, these filters are longer-lasting, offer longer filter life and feature an initial efficiency rating of up to 99.99 percent. What's more, these filters offer up to five times more capacity than competitors' filters. The amazing nanofiber technology helps the filters to capture the submicron contaminants and hold them on to the surface of the small fibers on the filter.

Donaldson Endurance filters are guaranteed to perform for twice as long in between changes as compared to cellulose air filters in highway situations. If for some reason a customer's filter does not live up to that standard, they will replace it free of charge!

Donaldson Oil Filters

Donaldson manufacturers lube filters that feature proprietary advanced synthetic media technologies. The benefits of these technologies are many, including:

Long service life
Increased engine protection for longer engine and equipment life
Improved flow of lubricant for better performance
Better performance when the engine is started from cold
Lower operating costs

What's more, the advanced synthetic media from which the Donaldson filters are made allow for the fibers to be smaller and of more controlled shape. The manufacturing process results in oil filters that are capable of holding on to more dirt and of providing higher efficiency performance when compared to conventional filters, which are made from cellulose. in addition, the synthetic media offers increased durability.

Note that in the case of a cellulose filter, over time the hot oil that courses through the filter will wear away at the resins that bind the filter media together. Filters made with synthetic media technology feature a wire screen backing that is pleated with the media

Hydraulic Filters

Donaldson has also developed and manufactured a line of hydraulic filters. These filters are for use in machinery used in hundreds of applications. Whether it is in the factory or on heavy-duty equipment such as vehicles, Donaldson's hydraulic filters are the world's leading products in the hydraulic filtration industry.

Fuel filters

These days, the fuel systems in our modern cars, as well as the pumps, injectors and other parts of the engine are finicky; they require cleaner-than-ever fuel to perform at optimal levels. Clean fuel produces cleaner combustion that produces fewer nasty emissions. Donaldson filters features the best and latest developments in filter technology that helps engines perform optimally. Everyone wants a knock out, athletic and lean body. One way to get that is through sports nutrition. The problem is it's always neglected when someone is to make noticeable progress with their fitness training. Without a the proper understanding muscle building and fat burning nutrition, you'll never make the progress needed and never reach your potential.

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