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With the first half of the season gone Cubs Wade Davis Jersey , many illusions went away with it, while other expectations materialized. Now there is a clearer scenario of which teams will fight for the playoffs tickets, and which ones need to seriously take a sit and think about the mistakes they have done to avoid them during next season. Things begin to get hot in the race for the top seats with 71 games to go.

Baseball is a team sport, that is a fact, and that several individualities are giving grateful surprises to their teams is a fact as well. A name like Ubaldo Jimenez from Colorado, who has tied his statistics from the past season in just half of this one, is just one of them. The 25 years old rookie Cubs Munenori Kawasaki Jersey , Brennan Boesch, from Detroit Tigers with a .342 AVG and .593 SLG is another one. The White Sox being lead by the 20 HR and 63 RBI from Paul Konerko, or Martin Prado?s being the batting leader of the National League with a .334 AVR are just some of those surprises.

Not only some players are having great performances, also some coaches like Ron Washington from the Texas Rangers, leading them to the first place of the Western Division of the American League. In the National League, Bud Black has done an awesome job with San Diego Padres, in the lead of the Western Division. By working on their defense Cubs Hector Rondon Jersey , the team has found the balance necessary to have regularity in their game.

Now going into teams that don?t surprise with their performance, since they are fulfilling the expectations, there are the Yankees with 56 victories on top of the Eastern Division in the American League. Tampa has also been playing some good baseball, and is only 2 games behind them. And third comes Boston, that even though they are 3 games down from Tampa, there are still 71 more games to go before the playoffs.

Continuing with the American League, but now on the Central Division were the White Sox come in first place and with Detroit .5 behind Cubs Justin Grimm Jersey , things seem hard for Minnesota. About the Western Division and the great coaching from Mr. Washington with Texas, Angelinos will have to deal with their good moment if they want that top spot.

The National League has Atlanta on top of the Eastern Division, followed by the Mets 4 games behind, and Philadelphia, 4.5 games away. The Central Division seems to be a matter of two, Cincinnati and St. Louis, enjoying of a good difference from the rest. And finally there is the Western Division Cubs John Lackey Jersey , with LA and Colorado tied in second place, only two games away from the leader, San Diego.

Yankees mourn their loss

The Yankees will have to face the toughest opponent there is in life; death. A sad event has tarnished what was supposed to be a happy day during the MBL All Star Game; George Steinbrenner suffered a heart attack and passed away early that morning. ?The Boss?, as he was known, had just turned 80 years old this past Independence Day. The man who bought the Yankees in 1973 leaves a legacy of seven World Series championships.

In times like this is when the spirit of a great team becomes even stronger to overcome the pain, and honor the memory of their beloved. On the other had, this is the time when a weak team falls apart and looses its way. Rest in peace ?Boss?.
In network marketing a huge amount of time and energy is placed in the activity
related to acquiring new reps. It is no mystery as to why
this takes place Cubs Willson Contreras Jersey , as this activity is thought as integral in putting money into
our pockets. This is often true in the short term, but what is forgotten all
to often is that if we do not empower our downline or team with repeatable
skills so that they are self sufficient and able to grow their businesses
organically, they will be doomed to the 97% who eventually fail at the network
marketing. All successful teams become successful because team players know
their role. As in most team endeavors, the captain is the leader of the squad
and takes on the leadership role. It is vital that the captain remain engaged
with their team throughout the recruiting cycle, and more importantly the
training that must take place. The nature of this training is to create
the important leadership skills in each of the new recruits. Some new reps are
extremely needy and tend to want to cling onto their upline. At the end of the
day a team without a duplicatable process of which to attract and bring is new
prospects will cease to exist. Network marketing leaders who recognize this
opportunity make sure that:
1. Their team receives continuous training and coaching. This comes in the
form of inviting them to weekly webinars, conference calls, etc. The training
needs to be relevant and on point to the subject of creating business visibility
and generating interest in their business.
2. Team members get answers to their questions in a timely manner. Team
leaders are often moving at 100 miles an hour and will often over look that
key question which needs to get answered for the benefit of everyone.
3. Have some kind of funded proposal for newbies to market and use as a
recruiting tool.
The coach and leader of hisher downline Cubs Mike Montgomery Jersey , must utilize technology whenever
possible to cut down on the manual cycles and automate advice that is
available, because as their organization grows it will become increasingly more
difficult. Auto responders, list builders and social marketing are just a few
of the examples that condense time. Ultimately, it is the
sponsorleaderquarterback who must set the bar at a certain level for the
team to aspire, so like young ducklings, they learn to swim on their own and
become self sufficient in many ways. To ignore the vital developmental steps
that are necessary in transferring to n.

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