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Using Flowcharts – Flowcharts show the inputs of a process and how they are transformed to form the outputs. The flowcharts shows the decision making points and branches of one process. There may also be parallel paths that are shown in the flowchart. Flowcharts help you to calculate the cost of implementing and including quality in your process. The Project Management Training for PMI exam will cover how to use flowcharts for quality checking.

Using Cause and Effect Diagrams – A cause-and-effect diagram looks like a fish bone. The problem is represented by the head of the fish bone. The root cause of the problem has to be traced. The various side bones of the fish represent the various causes of the problem. Each of the sidebone could represent problem areas in environment http://www.sf49ersproshop.com/authentic-ronnie-lott-jersey.html , methods, and more. The sidebone can also represent what to manufacture, what raw materials to use, the people involved in the project, and the machines. After continuous interaction and iteration, the root cause of the problem is found out.

Checksheets – Checksheets have a list of criteria and attributes arranged in a planned sequence. When you gather details about these attributes, then you will be able to identify the potential problem areas in quality. You need to know about Checksheets to appear in the Project Management Certification.

Pareto Diagrams – Pareto Diagrams have a vertical bar chart which shows which factors are important to determine the quality of the project or process. On the horizontal axis you can plot different items such as error in quality certificate, or report that you cannot find quality certificate. The horizontal axis may also indicate errors in invoice, packing list, and amount of products.

Histograms – Data is usually distributed across domains. Histograms show a graphical representation of data distribution. You can use a histogram to find if your process meets customers’ needs. You can also find the difference between the outputs of two different processes.

Control Charts – A control chart is used to control a currently active process, i.e. to find and correct errors as they occur. A control chart is also used to check the stability of a process. Control charts are used to analyze normal events as well as special events. You can also identify if there are specific problems to be addressed or you need to change an entire process. Using control charts you can find if a process variation is uniform and acceptable or is random and unacceptable. A good knowledge of control charts is needed for Project Manager Certification.

Scatter Diagrams – A scatter diagram can be used to check, for instance, what leads to accidents in an area. Using a scatter diagram you can find out if the traffic congestion, traffic speed, weather conditions, or bumps in the road that were leading to accidents. Scatter diagrams can also help in finding the right temperature for baking a cookie to right form. A scatter diagram can also be used to find if there is any direct connection between salary and motivation of employees. Similarly, the correlation between different components of a project or process is shown by a scatter diagram.

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