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Since the release of the Energy Boost in 2013 adidas have been tweaking the technology through iterations like the Pure Boost and adidas ultra boost mens sale clearance store although the basic makeup remains the same after all these years. The Boost sole uses a material called thermoplastic polyurethane (or TPU) to form its bundle tightly packed sole nuggets.

Just like the more traditional midsole material, EVA, TPU compresses under pressure for shock absorption – what’s unique about the adidas ultra boost triple black outlet online shop tech is the ability to instantly bounce back to its original shape. By moulding together lots of small capsules, they are allowed to ping back into shape quicker and easier than one big slab of sole could. The frisky foam is able to retain these properties despite temperature variation, being almost impervious to the elements, where EVA has been observed to stiffen in the cold.

Most trainer soles on the market today are made from an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) plastic foam. The adidas ultra boost womens grey factory outlet store online uses a special thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to create the individual pods that make up the sole. These not only offer better energy return but also stay in the same state despite temperature changes. This means you still get the boost and flexibility in the cold and they don't go soft in the heat, unlike EVA.

The heart of adidas ultra boost white and black warehouse sale appears to be in a trainer that allows your foot maximum freedom, by moving with it. By doing so the wearer avoids friction and the injuries like blisters that go with it. This was achieved using Aramis analytical kit that NASA, Boeing and Audi also use.

Adidas hypes the adidas ultra boost shoes sale outlet sale as “the best running shoe ever.” Such bold claim is primarily anchored on its innovative and revolutionary Boost midsole foam that is not only very cushioned, but also superbly responsive. The superior responsiveness of the shoe is supported by The Three Stripes’ assertion that it is 20% more responsive than any of the Boost models.

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