Quality and cost are important factors to choose cartridge

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In addition to quality considerations, printing costs can be said that the fundamental consideration, the print cartridge is a long-term consumables, the choice of cartridge is a long-term need to consider the cost of expenditure.

First of all, compared to the cost of the purchase, the official cartridge prices higher, the popular models such as hp 30x toner, the original price of 200-300 yuan, while the price is generally more difficult to come down. There is a saying that domestic cartridges prone to failure, and easily lead to printer machine failure, non-original cartridge defects will affect the performance of the printer, if the after-sales service is not in place, the use of the problem soon or scrapped, the printer also needs repair , But also lead to office delays or impact. These are huge additional costs that may arise from problems that occur with non-genuine consumables. For business users, this impact is very big. This is also one of the difficulties many corporate users purchase.

In summary, the optional toner cartridge, if it is a higher print quality, as well as after-sales service, the cost can accept the original cartridge. And when individuals or companies with a large print volume, the need to measure the cost of printing, the proposed purchase of domestic famous cartridge, the quality of high quality toner cartridge, to provide stable after-sales manufacturer, that can reduce printing costs, while meeting the high Print quality requirements. Today's printer supplies domestic brands fierce competition in the market, as users how to polish their eyes and find the right price, quality domestic manufacturers of toner cartridges it? Here, as a domestic toner cartridge manufacturer with 17 years of R & D qualification in printing consumables industry, Canon Toner Cartridge can provide you with toner cartridges that meet your printing cost and printing quality requirements. We focus on producing high quality toner cartridges for users. Buy, to the production, assembly and testing have to undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every one sent to consumers in the hands of the cartridge, you can rest assured that the use of. Jia letter cartridge, to provide you with a more assured choice.

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