Unofficial Sethrak thread

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They offer an 'in' into the Horde side of the content at 120 for the Alliance. Since we're exploring the opposite factions zones at max level a renegade faction of Sethrak (which are confirmed to exist thanks to datamining) smuggling the Alliance into the city and from there you can branch out into the world questing. Do I expect them to be playable in 8.0 or 8.1? Nope, if they were to be made playable I suspect you'd be looking at an 8.2 or more likely an 8.3 release date.So yes people of the forums I ask you, wouldn't YOU like the Sethrak to be playable (probably not, lets be honest, all you want alliance side is bloody high elves...). Dismiss the notions and idea of Vulpera, instead I offer you Sethrak in all their sneky glory?

Please help.

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