the Brazilian team was criticized by the outside world

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Surrey is a very popular candidate. The news of the Rome Sports News indicates that if Surrey enters Chelsea, he is likely to propose a request for the arrival of Jorge. And the media said that Abu will not adidas superstar regenbogen pay Surrey's huge liquidated damages, but he can use the money to buy the Japanese Nuo!
It is reported that another Premier League Chelsea may seize the gap in Manchester City's delay in completing the transfer and offer a higher price to Jorge.
Therefore, Gomez will still be in the team during the pre-season preparations for Milan, which is open today.
Evra started talking about C Ronaldo in a personal social media broadcast and suggested that Ronaldo join the Bianconeri: "Everyone is asking me, what do you think? I haven't talked to C Ronaldo, but my The suggestion is that if he wants to play until 2050, then go to Juventus. There is no other choice, it is as simple as that." I want to thank Juventus, because if I leave Manchester United, I can continue to win and continue to run. , then you must thank Juve, so Juventus will always be in my heart. ”
After winning the Belgian team at the World Cup, the Brazilian team was criticized by the outside world. Among them, the Manchester City star Fernandinho, who played in the game but did not play well, was confronted with him and his family. Personal threats and racist insults.
I think that Linderhof's role in the Swedish team is very adidas superstar gunstig obvious in this World Cup. Ferdinand said: "He is only 23 years old and still very young. He can make great progress at Manchester United. ”
Ferdinand said: "He is more confident in the Swedish national team, because his teammates trust him, and Manchester United is not confident, I think everyone should be more trusting."
Recently, the Brazilian Football Association issued a document on the official social media account to condemn a series of death threats and racist acts against Fernandinho: "The Brazilian Football Association once again strongly condemns the racist attacks on Fernandinho and his family. Football represents a fusion of skin color, race and culture. Never tolerate racism!"

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