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What article about the top ray ban sunglasses uk outlet is possible without a mention of the Aviator? Perhaps the design that’s most associated with the Ray-Ban name, and rightly so, the Aviator is undoubtedly the most loved design from the eyeglasses expert. It’s hard to believe that a style so loved even today is more than 75 years old. To get things into perspective, it’s older than a couple of countries!

They say that American General John MacCready, a US Army Air Corps Lieutenant asked Bausch & Lomb to create sunglasses that minimize visual discomfort for his pilots at high altitudes. They complained of headaches and nausea from the glare, and thus the Aviator was born. Initially it was just called ray ban store uk , and got its name from the fact that it was used to ‘ban’ sun ‘rays’. In 1937 they were introduced commercially under the Ray-Ban Aviator name, and the rest is history. The look caught on after American General Douglas MacArthur sported an iconic look in World War II, and the design was subsequently adopted by celebrities and common folk alike. Despite periods of relative low sales, the Aviator has stood the test of time, remains one of the highest selling sunglass designs in the world, and is considered a modern fashion icon.

By then, ray ban sunglasses sale uk was already much loved and respected for the Aviator design, but could have been written off as one hit wonders, if not for the Wayfarer. Again, it was an instant success, garnering support from all corners. Legendary actor James Dean was often spotted in them, which only spurred their popularity further. By the 1970’s however, their popularity had declined, and they were almost going to be discontinued, if not for the classic film ‘The Blues Brothers’, where the protagonists heavily used them. The 1980’s saw another revival of the Wayfarer after it featured in over 60 movies and TV shows, with stars like Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise sporting it. But then, the 90’s brought another sales slump, after which the Wayfarer was redesigned in 2001 after the Luxottica buyout.

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