The frost falls, the dew

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The frost falls, the dew, the autumn is strong. The wind slid across the window of the dream across the glass, and there was a sound, and the leaves were suspected to be falling. Woke up from a tearful dream, leaning against the window, a few maple leaves falling in the courtyard Cigarettes Online, the moonlight of t full of pale yellow. Leaning over and picking up a leaf covered with lunar dew Cigarettes Cheaper, gently put it in a diary that has begun to yellow, holding it in your chest. The his cold like ice. Standing in the cold moon, watching the night light sleep Parliament Cigarettes, the dark fragrance is scattered, the leaves are frosted, the wind is passing, the whites of the Acacia are washed. In the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle, the first time to ask the moon, when the Acacia River becomes a river, looking at the shore, the river of the years will be ruthlessly flooded into the two sides of the dynasty, and it will not be able to cross it. Who is your fate? Still waiting for the dusty ferry? When the flowers break the sentence, the leaves are broken, the rain and frost are ruthlessly buried in the red dust of life and death Newport Cigarettes Price, and finally can not be relieved, who is your confidante, who can stay in your harbor? Use the words to stack up the minds of a season, when to send the Lanzhou, let Hongyan go to the most sincere greetings, and that heavy and heavy thouthing, fold back to the bookstore, lie on the chair, and ignite a cigarette thoug I often knocked out countless sloppy words on the health plate, I loved to use a rusted pen to smudge the twisted heart in the diary. But it��s the first time to lift the pen up a leaf sign. It is like a butterfly flying between the fingers. The fingertips fell on the page, and a glimpse of the shadows slammed into the lines of text, making people feel drunk. As a result, some familiar images are looming, alternately presenting in front of my eyes; the red-colored Zhu Chang flashes past the book window Wholesale Cigarettes, but I have not seen anyone, but I have already smelled the familiar body fragrance. Imagine you. There is a moment of shyness, a wave of Wang Ze, swaying the March 3 peach-like tenderarrels are also happy, but always glad that you are along the way, always glad that we have never let go of each other. hand. When you meet each other, the sweetness of the fragrance, the tears of the knot when you leave. Let me put it this way, your gestures in the hands and feet, the smile of a glimpse, and even the look of your pouting, in my opinion, make me feel so precious. Even every minute and every second with you, every laugh, every tear, is enough for me to inscribe with words, it is worthwhile to use my love to us worlere are joys and sorrows, tears and laughter, hugs and waves, there are thoughts and look forward to. For a few years, I don��t know when I have developed a habit of making myself feel funny. Every day, I have to do a homework to calculate the time when you will return. When will you give me a surprise? . Looking at the clock and staring at the second hand, the second hand is still difficult to hide. It is still the kind of miss for you; the eagerness to rush to you, completely ignoring the tears that can't help but turn around in the eyes. At that moment, I realized that I was so dependent on you, such a wear-on, and that fascinating attachment. Therefore, in order not to let that kind of love with the old age, I pray that you will always live in the green branches.

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