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NASCAR is a competition and has its own set of championship series just as the World Series in Major League Baseball or the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the National Hockey League. Probably the most famous NASCAR championship series is the Sprint Cup Series. Note that the Cup Series will become the Sprint Cup Series because of the merger of the Sprint Corporation and NEXTEL Communications.

The history of the Sprint Cup Series began as the Strictly Stock Series in 1949 Kyle Walker Jersey , the Grand National Series between 1950 and 1971, and the Winston Cup Series between 1972 and 2003. Innovators of the Sprint Cup Series have made it so that drivers can score more points and even get 5 bonus points any time they take the lead for even one lap. And the lowest spot in the race result gets at least 34 points.

This model results in much more competition to the very end plus makes NASCAR more competitive with the National Football League in numbers of television viewers watching the racing sport. The series has also consists of a competitive series in the last 10 races known as The Chase. This is where the top drivers are selected based on accumulated points (those tied for a position too) after 26 races. There are many winners in this series. The champion gets 5 million and the others finishing in the top 10 positions each get 1 million. There is even something for the 11th place driver a 250,000 bonus. All this is designed to keep competition and excitement at a high level throughout the season.

Craftsman Truck Series is another one of the NASCAR championships with racing trucks designed from modified pickup trucks. The season runs from February through November. The beginning race is the Chevy Silverado HD 250 run at the Daytona International Speedway. The trucks run without restrictor plates to limit max speed like the NASCAR Sprint and Nationwide Series however because trucks are not as aerodynamic Claudio Bravo Jersey , they cannot reach the speeds the cars do.

The Busch Series is another of the championships and it is equivalent to the minor leagues of NASCAR racing. However, unless you are an expert, you cannot easily spot the differences between Nationwide Series competition and Sprint competition. The difference is in the cars. The cars of the Nationwide Series have a shorter wheel base 105 inches as opposed to 100 inches and the spoiler is larger too. At the end of the 2007 season Benjamin Mendy Manchester City Jersey , Busch has announced that it will no longer sponsor the Busch Series and now other sponsors like Wal Mart and Subway Sandwiches were trying to win a spot as the events primary promoter. Nationwide is what it will officially be called.

And then there is the championship among the auto makers known as the NASCAR Manufacturers Championship. This championship has been held ever since 1949 and it works by points being awarded to the different automobile manufacturers represented in each race. The auto manufacturer at the end of the season with the most points wins. Chevrolet won this NASCAR championship in 2006.
Our dogs are very important to us and for those who have never owned a dog there is a lot to consider before you make the choice to add a member of a family. In some lines of thought it can be like adding a baby to the family because dogs need care, love, exercise David Silva Manchester City Jersey , and a friend. The American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the many dog breeds you can choose from when considering adding a new member to the family. You will need to know the proper care, training, and the temperament of the dog breed before you add them to your family.

First you will find the American Staffordshire Terrier to be a small to medium sized dog. They reach 57 to 67 pounds Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City Jersey , with the males being 18-19 inches in height and the females about an inch smaller. You will find they have a shorter snout than most dogs with pointed ears. The American Staffordshire has a boxer like face in the smaller snout and the jowls, all though you can definitely tell the two breeds apart. They are usually a solid color or partial. You will find white, black Sergio Aguero Manchester City Jersey , and tan are the colors they display. Their hair is coarse and short. This means that grooming, which we will discuss in more detail later, is a little easier. They are not a cuddly dog Raheem Sterling Manchester City Jersey , when you contemplate their hair, but they are also not great shedders which can be nice.

You should also not that the American Staffordshire Terrier is the American Pit Bull Terrier. Pit Bulls or the Terrier are often thought of as sport dogs because they have been used in the past for fighting dogs. This makes the dog an excellent guard or watchdog for your family. You will also find despite their use in history as fighting dogs they can be very gentle and devoted to their family. Despite the fighting mentality that has been trained in them in the past the American Staffordshire Terrier breed is actually a great dog for smaller children, all though you should not leave them unsupervised. You will also find that they are rather active and muscular. This dog breed does well for a one pet household. You should not introduce them to the family if you have other pets or dogs.

Training for the dog should include high energy activities that will keep them interested. They can get bored or stubborn if they don?t like the activity. You should start training as early as possible Vincent Kompany Manchester City Jersey , especially with obedience. A firm, but gentle hand is required to train this dog breed. You will also want to be consistent and form a knowledge base with you as the master or dominant part of the equation. Exercise is extremely important. You will need a backyard, and should avoid apartment living with this breed. They can be destructive when left alone for long periods of time or when they become bored. Two hours a day spent on exercising and training will be required to keep them happy.

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