What is a product label or alert label?

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Label is a security tag for store goods and merchandise business that is used to protect goods. The label is affixed to the goods to start alerting and notify the seller at the moment of sex by the store's alert or the anti-giver of the store. .
Labels are mainly installed on paper and cardboard, glass and plastic goods, usually pasted on bags and shoes on leather bags and on cumin shoes, and on metal items such as cans of cans and cans and Oil or materials used in aluminum foil such as cigarette packs or foreign chocolates are not answered.

Types of labels

Gates labels are available in three models:

RFID label label

Lab Gate Store AM

Label Gate Store EM

RFID label label

Basically, there are 4x4 and 5x5 cm dimensions in the form of a flexible, square box. These labels are disposable, and after being throttled, they are removed from the store by the RF-labeled neutralizer and are no longer usable. Because of the low cost of labels, the disassembly tag is a disposable one.
Lab Gate Store AM

Basically, in 1x5 cm, there is plastic and non-elastic rectangular shape. These labels, like RF labels, are disposable and because of their smaller dimensions, they are used on smaller merchandise such as vacuum and similar products, and by The neutralizer for the AM label is disassembled and removed from the store by the customer from the store. In terms of price, it is more expensive than the RFID gate labels, both labels and their special neutralizers.

Label Gate Store EM

This type of labels has special features and different dimensions, it is linear and has different sizes and centimeters. The paper is made of flexible metal and is available in two disposable and multi-use models. The multi-use model has the ability to activate and deactivate the label, and it can be activated again, and this is done by the Neutralizer for the EM label lab label. Of course, its price is much higher than the RF and EM labels, just like its supermarket alarm system. It can be used in libraries to lend books to students and others.


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