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While there are many legitimate work from home business opportunities available today Cheap Zack Martin Jersey , there are also an abundance of home business schemes and scams. It may be quite difficult to understand the main difference sometimes. This is a listing of several popular home based business scams. Hopefully this list will help you from losing your hard earned dollars to these scammers. Envelope Stuffing

This scam has been around forever it seems, and don’t worry, will still be extremely popular to those who don’t know about it. You typically answer an ad that appears something like this:

“$500 – $1,000+ a WEEK working only 1 hour daily from the comfort of your home envelope stuffing! All supplies included. FREE information”

It sounds very appealing doesn’t it? What an easy method to earn a living. But what’s the real story. You’ll probably be asked to submit $20 -$40 for a kit to get going. Usually, you will get nothing in exchange and that is the finish from the scam. But, if you do go back it will tell you to place small classifieds (like the one you responded to) and employ your address to collect money from the next batch of unsuspecting people. The cycle continues.

Or, you might actually acquire some materials and send mailings, thinking you will be obtaining a check, only to find out that you simply didn’t do them properly there is going to be no check, or, nobody ordered anything out of your mailings so there isn’t any pay coming back to you. Envelope stuffing is complete scam. Don’t allow yourself become victim into it.

Get Paid To Surf Companies

Here is a favorite Internet scam that’s been on offer for a number of years. The concept is that you receive money to click various website ads. The more time you spend hitting sites, the greater money you supposedly make. Just how can this be? The receive money to surf company charges fees to its advertisers. The advertisers in turn hope that you’ll see their ad and then buy their product.

Of course, you might never be taken care of the time you spend surfing, but if you do you can expect it to be very little. Perhaps $20 per month if you are lucky, and that is after working several a month clicking on ads.

Get Paid To Take Surveys Online

This sounds somewhat enjoyable home based business. Have a survey every day, express your opinion, and get paid for it. Let’s look just a little closer at how it really works.

You have to register with your survey clubs or sites to get started. They all charge you a fee to become listed on, some as much as $49 or even more. You receive access to their database of survey companies. They’ll usually email you a listing of surveys every day to appear over. What you will then find out is that you aren’t qualified to take 95% of these, so it may take some time even before you get qualified for just one survey. Next, when you do take a survey the organization will in all probability pay out with “credits”. It may be something like 25 credits for every completed survey. Then, if you have for example, 500 credits, you are able to redeem them for cash, generally around $10-$20 per 500 credits. This may easily take you 3-6 months to simply make $10, if obviously you get paid whatsoever.

Mystery Shopper

E-commerce opportunity sounds great. You’re able to go out shopping at a retail store or eating in a restaurant and get paid for it after providing a review of the knowledge. It sounds great, so what is the catch?

There is a huge listing of companies offering jobs as mystery shoppers. The pay rate varies, and is generally $10 or perhaps a little more. You must be prepared to travel where you are sent. With gas prices excessive, this may easily eat up your earnings, because you are not reimbursed for travel expenses. If you’re sent with an eating assignment, many times the meal will end up your earnings.

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