Half of the rap circle is here! Jony J's sneaker store OKAY WZK is open!

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What kind of skills do you play when hip hop encounters sneakers?

As everyone begins to lose their imagination on this subject, the popularity of rapper Jony J has taken a big step forward!

Jony J has partnered with China's famous Chinese shoe eram outlet store WZK to open a new store in Nanjing, OKAY WZK! As a brand-authorized sports shoe store, he offers shoes to buy shoes, which is definitely worth the money!

At the original price of the gray-white opening phase X Nike jacket in the middle of the Air Jordan 4 "tattoo", the Air Force 1 skeleton and the humidity X Nike Dunk SB were introduced high, linked to the local trainer. Excessive addiction.

At the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony, Air Jordan 4 “Tattoo” and the American Barber Coffee Zone were launched in China.

The protagonist Jony J is of course present, and the Air Jordan 4 "Tattoo" is full of eye-catching effects!

Many famous rappers also attended, and Tizzy T, Bridge, Huang Xu, Ai, C-BLOCK, Parquet and Wang Qiming attended the opening ceremony of the party.

Having a shoe store is the childhood dream of Jony J. This chaussure geox time I finally realized this and congratulated many friends.

Since the "Boss" Jony J was very generous on the opening night, Air Jordan 13 Panda and OFF-WHITE x Converse 2.0 are prizes for the live lottery!

Another important part of the party was the theme show "Air Jordan 4" and interview with the designer.

As the first Chinese artist to participate in Air Jordan design, ABS NOISE from the graffiti team ABS CREW also expressed his inspiration for shoes.

Vamp shows the graffiti pattern of basketball and flames, showing the passion of street basketball.

Graffiti is presented in the form of a tattoo, as graffiti usually appears on the wall, while tattoos are reflected on the body and eardrum. In order to express this culture of profound experience, it is called "tattoo."

The deep imprint of crazy personality is the ruthless spirit conveyed by these shoes.

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