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People who are familiar with gaming should know that as early as November 18 Shaquille O'Neal Jersey , 2003, China's State General Administration of Sport will be included in the national e-sports 99 sports categories. It can be said to have a true birthright, not net Tour is still "demonized" the black family. With the country supposedly support and enthusiasm of the domestic gaming players, competition should be the rapid development of domestic electricity, but how does the situation in the end, if not that, we all saw it, in fact circles have long expected such a result , and in the country to really develop gaming industry is a bit difficult.

In contrast to our neighbors South Korea, 2000, WCG, quickly swept the world, a gaming power, why he will succeed it, in my opinion there are two factors that can not be ignored: first, money; Second, South Korea area is small, facilitate the spread of population centers. Cell phones are very important for them. The full support of South Korea's largest conglomerate, Samsung, and Samsung, as electronics manufacturers need not interfere with game content, so the operation of WCG is standard, create a good reputation. South Korea's small size, the publicity package has a deep skill, this point from the "Korean wave" attack can be seen.

That South Korea's success in China, why can not copy it? That Korea has been successful from the point to analyze the business point of view, China is still not the real world, such as Samsung Electronics brand, sponsors may not take into account only the interests of brand promotion. Furthermore China's large area, dispersed population, is not conducive to the promotion, and national professional activities without the appropriate implementation of the company, all this seriously restricted the development of the domestic gaming.

Certainly, these are just the basic constraints because, in China there are deficiencies in itself, in order to promote a league, let more people know, participation, activities of people did know that millions of promotional costs Zuishaoyeshi level and above. And the mainstream media can not be used in TV, online media has a very high cost, even the most simple to the Internet cafe paste posters, is a very difficult task, not that time consuming, the results were very limited, in other words, electricity competition out of the road is paved the road of the yuan, but not necessarily in the country can really lay. Even if the hardships the road repaired, people walking above is also pitiful.

The road can be described as domestic gaming easy road, but South Korea as the world's gaming power, this year also reported a big bad news, to the growing commercial interest, accumulated 10 years of gaming you can not hesitate to give up This event let those "innocent" of the sports fans Haohao De lesson - in fact, playing electronic games in the final analysis money!

In Taiwan, although the development of gaming in South Korea compared to a "cup with", but still in slow progress, and most of the game is the gaming operator's credit. Because the operators have their own reasons and advantages: money, power, and have goals. To profit by operating the game, do their own electrical game contest autonomy, there is a race burn clear purpose - to promote the game. And rely on such a side show on, really competing in the electric sea of churned up waves. As "street basketball", “Kart" and later "CS online", "underground city and the Warrior," "beyond the line of fire" and a lot of online game products have been independently organized their own national league.

However, manufacturers rely on it to keep gaming development is not practical, after all, rushed into the game in recent years, sub-piece of "cake" More and more people, the industry has reached the point of the bottleneck period, the business held by the operator less and less competition, more and more small scale. But there are exceptions, has relied instead on a line against the market, but also strange that it is not grand, Tencent, Netease this game giant, but by "street basketball" a game to conquer the world's second-tier operators in Shanghai day tours not only for 5 years, annual "street basketball" Natiocincreasing the size of each year, not only national league, which also spreads in the October number of countries invited to participate in "street basketball" and "World Cup" I heard promises of bonuses up to hundreds of thousands of players.

In the final analysis we should recognize the E-sports it is a commercial product, it should be for commercial operation, operators rely on one or two things hard support (of course, has its own purpose) is not successful, and this continues in the domestic electricity competition have not grown up will disappear. Since it is a commercial product, it can not violate China business rules, as the traditional electronic games can not generate sufficient benefits, the development should be done to change. Today's electronic games online games is to transition, but has not the slightest competitive nature of discount, contrary to all the vendors are back to traditional e-sports pay tribute to all the strict rules of the traditional electronic games held in the respective league. Whether traditional or trendy, China electronics games are always the essence of "competitive" It's two words, as long as we all respect him, what are really that important?

Perhaps in the near future, several major companies will jointly host a Cyber Games, all the games will be on the ground entities, high bonuses, hundreds of match points, the biggest publicity event strictly regulate! Who can say this is not the rise of China E-sports at that time? From: China wholesale

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