Hi, everybody! I am a moon cake,

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Hi, everybody! I am a moon cake, my number is ZDY12093028 (Zhao Da has the 28th moon cake produced on September 30, 2012), but I prefer you to call me Xiaoyan Buy Newports Online, this is a name I took for myself. am the seventh month cake made by a child called Ding Xiaoke. That day, she followed a fat Chinese teacher and a tall foreign teacher to my home, "Zhao Dayou" pastry shop. At that time, I was only two parts - the dough was small and the stuffing was small.Ding Xiao can wash his hands and start doing it. The foreign teacher seems to have something else. She took out a stack of cards and began to teach the students what to do with mooncake Newport Cigarettes Carton Price, butter, milk, egg, etc. Probably a spell!Ding Xiaoke took the little party over, rounded it up, flattened it, put the little round up, wrap it up, and flatten it with a white monster. Yeah! it hurts!A big brother put me and the other six brothers Ding Xiaoke together on the tray, brushed it with a yellow-yellow liquid, so sweet! Then put us in a big box, close the door, fiddle with a few times, and go.As soon as I turned around, I found that there were many mooncakes and brothers and sisters Carton Of Newport 100S. We all knew each other and introduced what stuff they were, who did it, and so on. The big box suddenly blasted the pot, and there was a cake saying: "I am the lotus stuffing stuff, it is Yu Ningxin." There is a cake saying: "I am a chocolate stuffing Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes, it is made by Yan Jianan." Bragging: "I am a super stuffy stuff, it was done by Zeng Xiaoxian." This cake, it is estimated that "Love Apartment" has seen more.In the evening, the moon is empty. The moon is cocked against the earth, and it wins people's eyes and generates electricity Marlboro Lights Carton. Ding Xiaoke also enjoyed the moon on the balcony. She was in a daze at the moon. She didn't know what to think about. Making a flower idiot? No, Yuanshen free? impossible! Down with a small Japan? possible.Suddenly, she stood up and took me up and said, "I am so beautiful, there is a food match, I can��t afford to hurt!" said, tearing my coat off, biting Going on, I only feel a pain, I lose consciousness.

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