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Shopping > Online ShoppingBest home grocery delivery services and their benefits
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Groceries are one of the biggest expenses we have to face almost on a daily basis. “Cheap groceries near me” is probably one of the searches that you’ve run at some point in your life. This is an expense that you cannot escape, because we need some basic things to survive, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

Shopping for groceries online can help you save both time and more importantly money, free home delivery groceries isn’t the only factor. When you go grocery shopping at the department store or supermarket, you need to drive to the store, find parking and walk through endless aisles that are strategically stacked with products so that you buy products that you don’t really need. And after that you have to stand in long queues to pay for the things that you buy.

There are many other benefits of buying your groceries online, here are some of them.

Save money: When you’re shopping online you have the power to choose what you see and as a result limit your purchases. You have to search specific categories, products and brand and only buy products that come up on your screen. This will help you save more money and limit your purchase of items you don’t need.Amazing offers and discounts: Mobile grocery delivery services offer amazing discounts and offers every time you shop. The more you shop with these services, the more offers you get. You can also get offers like two-for-one packages, free products and even gift cards when you shop online regularly.Large selection: Unlike your local grocery store, mobile grocery delivery services, stock products that you may not get elsewhere. Shops tend to be loyal to certain brands and fail to stock others, however you can find all the products and brands you need on online stores.Free home delivery groceries: One of the biggest advantages of online grocery shopping is the free home delivery for groceries. Some services also offer same day delivery or even two hour delivery for certain grocery products.Compare products and offers: Online grocery shopping also allows you to compare a lot of features, prices, brands and more importantly offers and discounts on all products in one place. This is one feature that comes in handy when you’re shopping food and cosmetics. The best home grocery delivery services let you compare all your products and options in just one click.

NAIROBI, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- China, a pivotal country to Kenya's progress, has injected needed investments to open up resource-rich but long-unexploited regions in the African country, said a Kenyan analyst in an interview with Xinhua.

"China's investments and economic cooperation in least developed countries (LDCs) has catalyzed these nations' economic development," said Stephen Ndegwa, a lecturer at MultiMedia University.

"It has motivated innovations that are both relevant and affordable in their national development needs," said Ndegwa, also a public policy analyst in Kenya.

He took the China-contracted mine coal in Lamu County as an example, saying the multi-million dollar project will not only increase Kenya's power supply substantially, but also open up the hitherto-underdeveloped area for more investments.

Ndegwa said Chinese establishment of manufacturing industries has expanded LDCs markets for raw materials and helped to add value at home.

"The ensuing technological transfer will be invaluable in the medium to long term as more indigenous people acquire and utilize new, modern skills of doing business and procuring goods and services," said Ndegwa.

With the recent launch of operation of Kenya's Mombasa-Nairobi railway, China's remarkable infrastructure capabilities are again being highlighted and promoting regional interconnectivity.

Ndegwa regarded this railway as a game-changer, saying the project is ushering Kenya in a new era in the transport of goods and people from the coast to the hinterland and vice versa.

The Chinese-built 472-km-long Standard Gauge Railway linking Kenya's capital Nairobi and East Africa's biggest port city Mombasa comes as part of ambitious efforts to build a 2,700-km East Africa corridor connecting Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and other East African countries.

Not only Chinese businesses but also Chinese businessmen have acted as role models in this eastern African country.

Chinese business magnate Jack Ma visited Kenya in July and lectured young entrepreneurs on the virtues of hard work, resilience and empathy,which was hailed as historic by citizens from all walks of life.

"The recent visit by Jack Ma has helped to change the perception of youth in the country by inspiring them with the limitless potential of their ideas," said Ndegwa.

Aerial view of Hohhot in China's Inner Mongolia

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