My right leg was gutted like a fish

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One Woman Willie McCovey Jersey , One Leg, No Job plus articles and information on Inspirational What is social aeptance? Why is it so important? What can we do to overe it? This inspirational story may change your attitude toward society and its evil un-aeptance and discriminations. Follow along as I give a detailed aount of my experience with a life changing disability and the battle I continue to fight to gain aeptance and employment" I guess you can call me an average Jane. I grew up in a small rural town in Florida better known 'round' here as "Shady Hills". I went to a small Baptist school that I am pleased to say I loved. My parents, although now retired, were hard working and devoted to me and my siblings. I guess you could say that I had it all. What more could a kid want. I was a cheerleader for my small little school and I guess somewhat popular in my 'click" of friends. I had a knack for being involved in every social, academic, and sport I could get involved with. Yep, that was me socially aepted and life was good. My active lifestyle and my popularity gave way to a very happy child's life. As a fairy tale and happy life story would render, I must tell you that I married my high school sweetheart. We had 3 beautiful children. We struggled but, were very happy with our little lives in our little munity. They say that every good thing must e to end. Boy Willie Mays Jersey , was that an understatement. My life, starting with a separation with my husband, started to un- ravel in ways I could never imagine. At this point, I was in my mid- twenties and my now happy life a mess. My happy home was broken, my children were confused and I was left holding the bag so to speak. Looking for a way to reclaim my life and to support my children on my own, I found work at a local collection agency. Yes, I was one of those,you know the people that call you all hours of the day and night to get your money that you just don't seem have. Quaint little job. I didn't get paid much but it paid the bills. One weekend when I was picking my daughter up from her father's house, my life seemed to undergo yet another set-back. I remember as I was driving down this curvy road at about dusk thinking to myself "what happened to my life" Will Clark Jersey , "will I ever be happy again?' "GOD, please show me the way to a better, happy life". All of a sudden, much to my chagrin, I hit a curve (not speeding mind you) and my car did a 380 degree turn into a ditch. I remember as I laid there thrown into the back seat (no my seat belt was not on) in shock," GOD, this is not my idea of a better, happier life could you please work with me here." As I lay there, I can't even imagine what had happened to me so all of a sudden. I couldn't move Tim Lincecum Jersey , I couldn't speak, I couldn't see if my little girl in the back seat was injured. "What did I do to anyone to deserve this penance" I thought to myself. The next thing I knew I was being removed from my car that, by the way, held up to this aident better than I did. And, off I went in a Life flight helicopter to the nearest trauma center in St. Petersburg, Florida. I remember when I was in the ER the immense pain I was having and begging someone to please knock me out. "Knock me out and put a cast on this leg. I have to get to work tomorrow," I grumbled to the ER doctor and his staff. The ER doctor firmly replies to me "young lady, I would be more concerned about saving that right leg of yours than going back to work!" What? How could this be? My leg? My right leg? Ok, I thought to myself gather your sanity and find out what's going on here. "Doctor" I said with all do respect Sergio Romo Jersey , what is wrong that I may lose my right leg? He replied in an educated and very matter of fact tone that I had indeed damaged a main artery in my right leg namely, the popliteal artery". You see my leg was neither broken nor fractured. I didn't even have a cut or bruise on me anywhere to speak of. My knee was dislocated severely and crushed the main artery cutting off the blood supply to the rest of my leg and foot. WOW, imagine that I'm facing losing my leg. Here we go again. "GOD, where are you? Help me!" I can't lose my leg. I have three kids and a job. I have to get back to work.' Ok, Doc, lets get this show on the road', I say without a worry on my mind. Following that very thought I was on my way to a vascular surgery. Half knocked out and half awake I can see the bright lights of the Emergency Room and all the movements of the ER staff scuttling around me. NO! It was not St. Peter and the angels. It was real. It was happening. It was an OPERATION. Yes, before I knew it I was undergoing vascular surgery to repair my damaged artery. The next morning I was awaken by the sounds of beeping noises and people talking at a low whisper and most of all too unbearable pain. "What did they do to me last night?" "My GOD above PLEASE this time hear my cry" and "take this pain from me!" That smell I will never forget that smell. The smell of the hospital and I can't even describe it. The smell of blood, fear Pablo Sandoval Jersey , pain, and death is my best analogy. Spooky, scarred for life I am. I had awakened enough for a nurse to tell me that I had been repaired and that as long as I kept a pulse in my foot that the vascular surgery was a suess. My right leg was gutted like a fish. I was filleted on each side of my leg and the wound stuffed with gauze. The bandage changes were horrible. There is not enough morphine in Gods green earth to suffice the pain of those bandage changes especially at a rate of four times a day. Well, as a day turned into a week and weeks into months I wondered if I was ever going to get out of that ICU. When will I get out of here? I wanted so badly for this to just go away and" GOD, I'm sorry for plaining.

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