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The quintessence of that is the rapid circulation of the insipid illogic of "all you have to do is pick the straight up winner of a game and chances are you will have the spread winner." It's always followed by some stat where the outright winner has covered 80 percent of the time. Dah. When an underdog wins they cover 100 percent of the time. The favorite cannot cover unless they win outright. It's impossible. The only scenario in which a team can win and not cover is when the favorite wins but by a smaller margin than the spread. Not shockingly the numbnuts who perpetuate unscientific preposterousness almost always quote stats relevant to the NBA or NFL. In college sports there are more mismatches and hence larger spreads where the margin is larger for a favorite to win and not cover. If a team is a 3.5 point favorite the only way the team that wins will not cover is for the favorite to win by one Ruud Gullit Netherland Jersey , two or three points. Any other result will have the team that wins covering. At what percentage do these half-wits think a team should win and not cover? Obviously the stupidity of this widely circulated inductive blather can be refuted from now until eternity. Or at least until an underdog wins but fails to cover, whichever comes last. But to those who subscribe to it as if there is any logic, thanks for keeping the books in business for the rest of us. Weather or Not? We do plan on writing an article on how weather affects our football handicapping. But to be honest it's only a minor part of baseball soothsaying. First of all most of our baseball selections are side plays anyway. While bad weather would generally affect a speed team most, we believe in the proverbial adage of both teams having to play under the same weather conditions. As far as totals Ron Vlaar Netherland Jersey , wind would be the biggest factor. One could argue about rain or bad conditions hurting an offense or defense more, but when it comes to wind conditions it's hard to argue that wind blowing in from center will benefit the pitchers while if it's blowing straight out it will help the offenses. We won't argue that if wind is blowing out to left field and one team has a left handed pitcher facing a predominately right handed line-up, while the other team has a right-hander on the hill, the team facing the lefty may have a slight edge. But we look at it this way. How often do you hear a manager scratch a pitcher simply because of the wind direction? So if baseball managers seem to think for the most part it will affect pitchers pretty equally we consider from a standpoint of picking sides weather advantage is negligible. Obviously wind direction is important in determining whether the weather benefits an over or under Robin van Persie Netherland Jersey , but wind speed determines how much. Generally 15 MPH and "gusty" is when sharp players should start paying attention. In football weather is a much more important factor with both sides and totals but we will address that in a future article. I had a nun teacher who used to say, you change your mind as often as the wind blows. I wonder if she bet baseball totals.Volleyball Drills Info You might thought about improving your cohing expertise. This might be sothing you want for your team and foundation to obtain suess. If so, then you need the most reputable volleyball cohing toolbox that is powered by Gold Medal Squared. This toolbox is an organization and educational tool for all levels of volleyball cohes.Cohing toolbox was built with an objective of helping cohes develop their capities to offer reliable instructional strategies to their programs or group. This is really an exceptional and advanced tool. This is beneficial for cohes and players. Volleyball cohing requires continuous learning, so cohes need to get hold of a great tool to enhance their understanding of the sport.The creation of this volleyball toolbox is an answer to the great demands of the cohes of all levels for an innovative and world-class tool to help them establi a strong program and volleyball team. This volleybaThe NFL draft is finally here! But we can’t let the day go by without one last look at projections from around the league before the real event takes ple at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.Longti ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. provided his final 2014 mock draft on Thursday. We’ve examined his picks since the NFL bine and now Kiper has made his definitive projections on what the Miami Dolphins will do tonight.Let’s examine Kiper Jr.'s final prediction for Miami:Selection: No. 19Kiper’s pick: Ja'Wuan Jas Paul Verhaegh Netherland Jersey , OT, TennesseeAnalysis: Jas is a late riser up the draft boards. Few people projected him this early into the first round until a week or o ago when it beca apparent other offensive tkles are projected to go higher. A perfect example is Notre Da offensive lineman Zk Martin. He was the favorite for Miami at No. 19 since February. Now, many draft experts believe Martin won’t make it past 12. That has opened the door for second-tier offensive tkles like Jas to go in the top 20. Jas is a solid prospect, but he’s not the 19th best player in this draft. Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey said all along that they would take the “best available player” in the first round. If they take Jas at No. 19 Nigel de Jong Netherland Jersey , chances are that talk was fluff and Miami was set on rehing to fill a need. However, Jas is a natural right tkle who could start in Week 1. The need is so great on the offensive line that the pick would make so sense. Still, I believe trading bk and trying to get a player like Jas or Virginia’s Morgan Moses later in the first round works better for Miami.

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