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With the booming market economy Nike Air Max trainers , various industries emerged buoyant, it is overwhelmed by the corporate brand for a time enriched the market, which has not only exacerbated the situation in industry competition, promote market discipline to achieve survival of the fittest, but also meet people's increasing material and spiritual needs of individual, help create a healthy and orderly market environment. Rising standard of living today, people's consumption concept and rights awareness is changing, in purchasing products, Chu Le Chan Pin-oriented than their real Shuxing, in similar product quality and performance of the brand under similar circumstances, Gengjiazhongshi the product after-sales service. But most companies do not change this situation with the brand's focus, just keep in mind to spend a large amount of production and sales of energy, while ignoring the most important part of marketing - sales service. To win in this era of a service, good service means that the attitude of business Nike Air Max , brand reputation, and with this brings a lot of potential consumers of resources, particularly products of the service, it is related to a brand's image Queli, even directly affect the survival and development. After-sales service is the product focus of the entire sales process is the inevitable product of intense market competition, and brand based on the basis of strong competitors, but also corporate responsibility and obligation to sell products. In general, most consumers would think that brand-name products are often better than after-sales service, but recently a number of well-known shoe brands market performance, seems to run counter to such expectations, which in the case of shoe brands to basic after-sale problems have taken evasive attitude to consumers disappointed. As consumers the greatest exposure to daily life, footwear products by the market attention. Although the Chinese footwear brand building only a few decades of development, has made gratifying achievements, but comparison with foreign shoe line Nike Air Max NZ Online , the degree of brand marketing is obviously lagging behind the market. Currently, the domestic brand-building enterprises are mostly in the shoes of the primary or intermediate stages of marketing, the introduction of marketing concept in service and service marketing system building in the bud, and footwear products, brand marketing and after-sale service work in the fields of marketing research has not caused enough attention, a lot of work remains to be enterprise to try and explore. Therefore, the subject of complaints for domestic footwear situation is common, and an upward trend. Some shoe pursuit of economic interest, will focus on product development, branding and other aspects of the terminal building, indifferent service to consumers, the lack of awareness of services marketing. This "re-production, sale, light after-sales service" attitude Nike Air Max NZ Cheap , will harm the legitimate interests of consumers, to create did not trust the brand, leading to the phenomenon of product decline in sales, limit its rapid development. Throughout the market, those legendary brand, almost all after-sales service up and down in no small effort, which is the major reason for the success. Therefore, enterprises in the provision of affordable products, but also to provide comprehensive after-sales service to consumers, so as to accumulate loyalty for the brand's market support, a solid market base. So, increasingly demanding customer service, more and more detailed now, how to do a good shoe sales service work? Service concept is to establish the correct shoe action first step. Brand shoes enterprises need to learn the concept of service marketing to gain experience in domestic and foreign effective services Nike Air Max NZ Sale , integration and innovation, its unique service concept with its own system. Convey this concept through to raise staff awareness of service, which really carry out the implementation of all aspects of enterprise production and operation. Meanwhile, the shoe should also be gradually standardized services, particularly to improve the psychological quality end sales and service skills, to recognize that after-sales service and pre-sale service is equally important to high quality comprehensive services to meet consumer who needs to service a brand conducive to competitive advantage. Secondly, good after-sales service also provide premium services beyond the expectations of consumers. Warranty Regulations in accordance with current industry and trade free for up to three packs of three months, after three months of paid service, this shoe can be extended according to the actual situation of "three guarantees" the scope and timing of repair, for indeed there is quality The products in question to be recognized and returned to continuously improve the quality of after-sales maintenance, increase maintenance and other services free of charge, to enhance consumer satisfaction with the work of the after-sales service, training brand loyalty. Services, no matter how well it will not make all the customer satisfaction Nike Air Max NZ , shoes enterprises in the face of complaints, responsibility should be to distinguish, if the product caused the problems must be resolved in the shortest time, but if the consumer's own factors must be due to patient response. With minimum losses for both sides to maintain the brand's business reputation, enhance and consolidate the relationship between businesses and consumers. Of course, all this needs to achieve superior resources use shoe manufacturing superior quality products, improve the terminal building and training outstanding sales of services and human resources as a precondition for support, so as to promote the smooth progress of work service, or just blowing smoke.

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