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Barbie of more than 200 yuan nike air max komplett rot , 300 remote control car, 400 odd remote control plane ... ... Now, a few hundred dollars of high priced toys abound. Although the price of expensive toys, but bought a lot of people, parents kept their children at the same time generous, have not thought about whether it is really expensive toys in favor of the child s growth Children s toys: only buy on, and not expensive in Status: Price high to buy a lot of people are Recently, the reporter visited the Ganzhou City shopping mall and a number of toy store, each have many parents in choosing toys. Remote control plane more than 400 yuan, 300 multi function remote control cars to buy toys ... ... the parents are mostly focusing on a number of high prices on toys. Mr. Liu, the public may want to buy a go at water remote control cars, and his two year old children this year, he was said to have toys at home has several large boxes of. Mr. Liu told reporters that the most expensive toys at home 600 yuan to tens of dollars cheaper. He said that after each child on the toy store was especially interested in, and now children all aspects of intelligence at the development, developmental toys for children should have some advantages, so the children from 4 months old when they begin the selection of toys. Taking into account the cheap toys of quality, safety and other areas such as higher prices are not toys, so will the selection of toys for each purchase of a little expensive. More than 200 yuan to buy a multi functional toys of Ms Chan said that she bought toys are a gift for a friend s child nike air max weiß günstig , no helping hand is cheaper to send, so expensive point. City at a toy store, the business looks very good. 500 odd dollars to see a reporter s electronic toys, ask the boss: It was also expensive to buy Said the boss, how could no one to buy, and now the parents of the kids are darling baby. The boss told reporters that he did not dare enter the beginning of expensive toys, fear can not be sold. Can now store a number of high prices instead of remote control toys sell better category, 200 yuan, 300 of the toys have a lot of customers and many are regulars. Reason: I hope to develop children s intelligence I certainly hope that the cheaper the better Price toys, the toys can not now be a technical content will be several hundred dollars, but as long as toys for children who will benefit the development of intelligence, I will be buying. Often give children toys to buy the yellow Mr. consider, the more expensive toys of the children better. Lee to buy toys for each child to hear the fear, the wages of 1,000 yuan a month, just buy a quarter of the toys will be spent on wages. Lee said. However, she still believes that as long as useful toys for children, even if the delay can not scrimp and save a child. Reporter in the interview that nike air max thea schwarz günstig , parents willing to give children toys to buy at high prices, excessive puzzle toys are considered functional. They believe that as long as the children develop useful intelligence, then the expensive high tech toys they will buy. Some parents believe that the more expensive the better toys Price of guaranteed quality, security, high performance. Some parents give their children to buy toys like comparisons with other parents to buy expensive and not really toys. Results: The high priced toys into disposable merchandise When interviewed by a reporter found that some high priced toys are mostly plastic shell made of, it is easy to break. At a toy store, this reporter encountered are asked Mr. Liu repair matters. He said that his big cock will lay eggs are bought at a few days ago, was the son broke. Mr Lau told the boss, man made toys are being damaged, the manufacturers were not responsible for the repair, but no warranty toys, but also should not replace the new, enjoy if only to buy a new one. Mr. Wong spent more than a month before the public more than 200 yuan to buy a roller coaster combination of toys, not playing for a week not a lot of parts, looking for stores to see if you can put parts filled, but the boss said no. Ms. Wang s Waste toys also have a few boxes, the majority of playing time is not long, looks are still very new nike air max 90 schwarz damen , some remote control broke should not be playing, some children take at the hands did not accidentally fall on the floor with a. Find a business help , are said not help, Dr. Wong has nowhere else to suffer from repair, throwing another Unfortunately, so put them in a box. In some shopping malls and toy store, this reporter found that most of the toys are not three packs of service, broken toys have become waste. Appeal: high priced toys should be after sales service This reporter has learned that the home is now only one child, to buy toys are great a lot of home consumption. Electric toys, puzzle toys, from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, and some families give their children a year to buy toys should spend several thousand dollars. Today, the structure of more complex toys, especially those with remote control toys, once a child playing bad, parents helpless, only to re buy new. Some merchants said frankly, a lot of types of toys now nike air max schwarz damen , even if the toys are similar to the appearance of parts is also possible there is not the same, it is difficult to find matching repair parts, toys repair cost is very high, so there is no specialized after sales service to provide the service point. Spent so much money, just click on a broken play, many parents think it is too much waste, but children also can not play any toys. So the parents suggested that some high priced toys should be configured corresponding after sale repair point, if bad, there is also place to repair. Experts: toys rather than the more expensive the better To toys, books, tutoring, etc., to invest in education and training among the children has become more and more and more young parents to choose, they make the childr

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