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Barry Bonds and Willie Mays have quite a bit in common. Having been good friends with Bobby Bonds Alex Smith Chiefs Jersey , the father of Barry Bonds, Willie Mays was asked to be Barry Bonds' godfather. Both Barry Bonds and Willie Mays played on the San Francisco Giants for the majority of their careers, they were both outfielders, they both hit over 600 home runs, they both won league MVPs multiple times and they both were for many years considered the greatest hitters of their day. Because of so many similarities between the careers of these players, it is only fitting to attempt to determine which player was better from a situational standpoint. If you purchase MLB tickets to Giants games online, you might discuss the postseason hitting of Barry Bonds and Willie Mays with the people in the stands next to you.

Despite over 22 years of service in the Major Leagues, Willie Mays played in the playoffs in only five seasons, accruing a total of 25 postseason game appearances. Willie Mays never won a World Series title, despite being one of the greatest players ever. Barry Bonds also has a noticeable lack of playoff experience. In Bond's 22 seasons he only played in the postseason in seven different seasons for a total of 48 games. Both players were given one shot in the World Series, and they both came away from the title series empty handed. Despite their Hall of Fame-caliber hitting over the course of their careers Tamba Hali Chiefs Jersey , neither Mays nor Bonds were individually good enough to propel their teams to many playoff victories. Overall, Mays' teams were 2-4, whereas Bonds' teams were 2-7. Given the fact that the playoffs were shorter in Mays' playing days (often consisting of only one championship series) it would make sense that he has less experience in the postseason.
1. Cal

The Good News: Cal's got a way, way, Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska Washington outsider-style outside chance of winning the title. I say that because they're currently looking at 2001 odds at most Vegas casinos. Cal opened up the season as 401, so if you're a big Cal Bears fan who gets tons of tickets for their games at ttp:stubhubbcs-national-championship-game-tickets, and you're looking to make a hefty profit margin, this is your team. With four weeks of regular season play left to go Cal is sitting on a 6-2 record, a No. 21 AP Poll ranking, and a schedule that looks very Jamaal Charles Chiefs Jersey , very promising. After facing USC, they play Oregon State on the road and Stanford and Washington at home. Their last three games are against teams who are a combined 10-15. USC is their one big obstacle to winning out, which leads us to the bad news.

The Bad News: They play USC this upcoming weekend. A 2-loss team is not unheard of in the BCS title game, but making it there with three losses is crazier than finding BCS National Championship Game tickets somewhere other than StubHub. The Trojans are looking good- not invincible- but Cal's hopes of getting to the title game pretty much hinge on their being able to beat USC by a healthy margin. If that happens, expect that their odds will become far less lucrative.

2. Utah

The Good News: Utah opened up the season with 1501 odds at winning the national title, but they've since increased their title likelihood with Las Vegas bookies, because the odds I've colleted say that the Utes are now 1001 to win the BCS title. There's still a good profit to be made with this team, so have your cash ready to go if you think they can pull it off. Right now they're ranked No. 10 in the AP Poll, which is good striking distance. They're a perfect 9-0, so if they can finish of the year with an undefeated record, they will have a legit claim to a shot at the title.
A lot of people feel that your mory spe by natural ans deteriorates as you get old and there's Colin Kaepernick Jersey prtically nothing which can be done to quit it. The good news is Eric Berry Chiefs Jersey , that is certainly not the case. In the following paragraphs we'll demonstrate what type of tions you can take to maintain or even enhance your mory spe no matter what your age.

Shielding your tissue is important to trying to keep your brain healthful and productive. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants like blueberries, berries, and also other fruits and veggies gives you a lower body up in handling your brain. These herbal antioxidants not just keep your mind doing work in ideal situation, additionally, they could help sluggi aging.

To improve your Colin Kaepernick Jersey mory, ensure you are getting adequate sleep. Rest deprivation can very seriously impair storage, making you forget even the most basic things in your day to day daily life. Should you routinely have sleep problems, you can test organic sleep aids such as latonin or look at speaking with your doctor about doctor prescribed rest dication alternatively.

Meditate a great deal to reduce stress and enhance mind functions. Meditation is recognized to boost several circumstances for example depression, stress and anxiety, sever pain or hypertension. Folks who often ditate can focus better and have considerably Colin Kaepernick Jersey much better thinking skills and attention. Relaxation increases the connection amid brain tissues which in turn contributes to enhanced storage capabilities.

Coordinate the information you are hoping to mit to mory. When you construction your information effectively, you will be able to recreate it later on and easily rember the information. Organize your details into categories that make perception for you. Focus on morizing a single class at a ti.

If you realise oneself having difficulty rembering a few things Derrick Johnson Chiefs Jersey , try to use ronyms or techniques referred to as mnemonics to assist you to rember. A good example of this is to use Roy G. Biv to not forget the ades of your spectrum as red-colored, orange, yellow, eco-friendly, blue, indigo and violet. These types of tips can really enhance your recollection.

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