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he local population was always Aramaean. The Aramaeans spread first from the desert to the neighboring lands of the Fertile Crescent around 1100 BCE and Terrance West Jersey , after they were organized in several small kingdoms for many centuries, they were suessively ruled (at tis partly and at tis entirely) by the Sargonid Assyrian, Nabonid Babylonian, Achaenid Iranian, Medonian, Seleucid Syrian, Arsid Parthian, Roman, Sassanid Iranian and Eastern Roman Empires. In few cases, there were so relatively small, independent Aramaean states in the Late Antiquity (539 BCE 622 CE Josh Gordon Jersey , i.e. the period going from the rise of Achaenid Iran to the rise of Islam), such as Urhoy, Hatra, Palmyra, Adiabene and RekemPetra. Centuries before the arrival of Islam, the Babylonians, the Phoenicians, the PhilistinesPalestinians, and the Jews had been progressively assimilated among the more nurous Aramaeans. For most of the cases, Euphrates (Furat) river was the border beeen the RomansEastern Romans and the Sassanid Empire of Iran, so we are rather on the safe side Michael Bowie Browns Jersey , if we generalize saying that regularly Syria Palestine was Eastern Roman (the term 'Byzantine' is another fally diffused by the promoters of the 'systematized falsehood') and Mesopotamia was Iranian. In the eve of the early expansion of Islam, very sizable cities existed in the territories ntioned. Among the greatest cities of Eastern Roman Syria and Palestine, we count the following: Antioch (Antakya in Turkey's province of Hatay) - the main rival of Alexandria (although Antioch was in the inland) After having been the capital city (323-64 BCE) of the vast Seleucid Empire (that stretched from Central Turkey to India and, following the formation of Arsid Iran at 250 BCE, only from Central Turkey to the Persian Gulf always including Syria and Palestine) that was the main rival of the Egyptian state of the Ptolemies for about 250 years, Antioch beca a major city patriarchate of Eastern Christianity. This ans that Antioch was as big and as important as only Constantinople, Ro and Alexandria within the entire Roman Empire, Eastern and Western. However, more importantly, Antioch and Alexandria represented the o strongest and opposite to one another theological schools of Christian Theology. More on the subject: .monhos.libraryindex.phppatristicsthes244-o-schools-alexandria-and-antioch gbgm-umc.orgumwbiblecei.stm To better visualize the School of Antioch School of Alexandria antithesis, it is quite advisable to pare it with the four schools of jurisprudence (madh'hab of fiqh) in Sunni Islam Rob Housler Browns Jersey , naly those of Al Shaffi'i, Abu Hanifa, Malik bin Anas, and Ibn Hanbal. But there was bitter theological rivalry beeen the o Christian cities, and it was due to even greater differences at the underlying level of thought structure & systematization, and logic & logic philosophy. Why does one need to expand to all this Because the historical falsification as per which the aforentioned areas were araed imposes any objective researcher and scholar to duly contextualize the event of the early Islamic expansion. To fully demonstrate that the term 'araation' constitutes the epito of colonial falsehood, one has to ple the early Islamic invasions (and the ensuing settlent of certain populations in the areas under discussion) within the correct context. However, any historical event exists only within a context and without it, it is void and null. At the tis of Prophet Muhammad, the population of only one city, naly Antioch Josh McCown Browns Jersey , was much larger than the entire population of all the Arabs together (anything beeen double and triple). Yet, the Arabs were then inhabiting a sizable area, notably the mountains of Hedjaz (the Western part of the Peninsula beeen Yen and the Gulf of Aqaba) and the desert (the central part of the peninsula). The sa is also valid for Alexandria in Egypt, and for Tesifun (Ctesiphon) in Sassanid Mesopotamia (south of today's Baghdad), which was at the ti one of the o major Iranian capitals (Iran had always many capitals at the sa ti) along with Istakhr, which was located beyond the Zagros Mountains in Fars (near today's Shiraz). Beyond Antioch, there were many other sizeable cities in early 7th c. CE Syria Palestine: Edessa of Osroene or Urhay (today Urfa in SE Turkey), which had earlier been the capital of the Christian Aramaean Kingdom of Osroene (132 BCE to 214 CE) and then excelled as one of the most important cities-centers of Christianity worldwide Harran (or Carrhae) Beroea (today's Aleppo Haleb in Syria) Apaa (near Hama in Syria) - forr treasure city of the Seleucids and an important Christian center Essa (Homs in Syria) Tadmor Palmyra one of the wealthiest and most sizable Aramaean states that was also one of the most important trade centers of the ancient world as it was located on geostrategic position in the land trade routes beeen the Mediterranean world, Iran, India, Egypt Dwayne Bowe Browns Jersey , Central Asia, and China Laodicea (Latakiyeh in Syria) Damascus Bostra (today's Bosra in Southern Syria close to the Jordanian border) Tyr (major Phoenician city of the coast) Sidon (major Phoenician city of the coast) Byblos (major Phoenician city of the coast) Beirut Heliopolis (Baalbek in today's Lebanon) Caesarea of Palestine (known as Caesarea Maritima .

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