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Hello! My name Dwight Ryan. I really like reading, travelling, running a blog, article writing George Johnson Jersey , and helping others. I look ahead to getting to know the munity here and offer my support in anyhow possible. Do I Have Cancer?, Cancer Radiation TherapyOne of several debates happening in every NFL personnel department leading to the draft is whether to choose uniqueness or versatility when comparing players with similar draft grades.

Will a team pick a player who does one thing really well? Or will they select someone based on the player's ability to do several things at a reasonably high level?

In a quest to find an elite pass-rusher, the Chargers have gone down both roads with uneven results.


Round 1: May 8, 8 p.m. ET
Rds. 2-3: May 9, 7 p.m. ET
Rds. 4-7: May 10, noon ET
Radio City Music Hall
New York City

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In 2009 under the leadership of general manager A.J. Smith, the Chargers selected Larry English of Northern Illinois in the first round with the No. 16 pick. English showed he could do one thing really well in college: rush the passer.

English finished with 31.5 career sacks and 63 tackles for loss at Northern Illinois D.J. Swearinger Jersey , but has just 11 sacks in five seasons with the Chargers. His 2013 season was cut short after he suffered a torn biceps while sacking Peyton Manning in a 28-20 loss to Denver in Week 10.

English played mostly defensive end in college, with his hand on the ground. So there was some concern about how he would make the transition to outside linebacker, developing an ability to drop in coverage and play in space.

While English could have played better, he's still young (at age 28) for a pass-rusher, a position where players traditionally take longer to develop.

In 2012, Smith selected another pass-rusher in the first round, picking up South Carolina product Melvin Ingram with San Diego's pick at No. 18 overall.

Unlike English Trindon Holliday Jersey , Ingram came from a power conference. He was known for his versatility in college, playing defensive tackle, defensive end and outside and inside linebacker for the Gamecocks.

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