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What I particularly liked Nike Air Max 90 87 Mens sale about this study is that the authors were very open about admitting its limitations. For example, they point out the the Nike Free has quite a bit of cushion and an elevated heel. Habitual barefooters jump all over anyone who claims that the Nike Free replicates barefoot running, and this study seems to prove them right, at least in terms of how it affects biomechanics (and much to the chagrin of Nike marketing¡­). Studies of less cushioned shoes (e.g., Vibram Fivefingers) have revealed more similarity to barefoot running, but even ultraminimal shoes don¡¯t seem to be a perfect mimic to running without footwear. They also admit that by not controlling the standard shoe they may have not as easily detected differences between the minimal and more traditional shoes.

Nike Free 3.0 heel wearAlthough some might disagree, I view the Free 3.0 as a minimalist running shoe, but like the Free Run+, I don¡¯t view it as a barefoot-like shoe. I agree with Nike¡¯s contention that the outsole siping/grooves make it remarkably flexible, which allows your feet to work in a more barefoot-like manner, but the fact that it has a heel and a cushioned sole make it very easy to heel-strike in it, and my wear patterns on the sole of my original Free 3.0¡¯s indicate very clearly that heel striking is what I do when I run in them (see picture at left ¨C the black rubber pad has completely worn away from the lateral heel in the shoe on the top; see also the slow motion video below). I don¡¯t necessarily view heel striking as the horrible thing that some Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Mens uk make it out to be (I¡¯m quite content to be a mild heel striker in most of my shoes), but heel striking is not what I (or most other people) do when I run barefoot or in Vibram Fivefingers (I have run 100+ miles in Vibrams, and have also run barefoot a few times).

The Free Run+ seems to be moving even further away from what Nike did so well in their more minimalist Free 3.0 line (one of my favorite shoes, which appears to have disappeared ¨C Update: they¡¯re back for now), and I can only assume that they are tying to appeal to a more mainstream market. That¡¯s not saying that this shoe isn¡¯t a vast improvement on most more typical running shoes in terms of it¡¯s flexibility and weight (it likely is), but I like to whine when a personal favorite (the 3.0) goes away. If they could make this same shoe with a smaller heel-toe drop, I¡¯d be first in line to buy it, and I would still like to give these a test drive and write a more formal review (Update 4/17/10 ¨C all I can do is speculate right now, but I just wrote a post that fleshes out my preliminary disappointment with this shoe ¨C On Minimalist Running Shoes: Vibram has Balls, Nike Dropped Them).

Another important point that the authors emphasize is that their subjects were very highly trained runners and that as a result they might ¡°already have highly consistent running mechanics and different types of shoes have little influence on their running gait.¡± They indicate that ¡°It is possible that lesser trained runners with less consistent mechanics may be more susceptible to changes in running gait when utilising a minimalist shoe.¡± As always, one must consider the subjects and conditions studied when applying the results of a scientific study, and I¡¯d once again love to take a look at individual variation.

I¡¯ve enjoyed running in the Free 3.0 v5 so much that I briefly considered wearing them for my Spring marathon (coming up this weekend ¨C still undecided on shoes¡­). I wore them for a 16.5 mile long run over hills as a test, and wound up developing a knot in my soleus about 9 miles into the run. Not sure if the shoes were the culprit, but it scared me off of trying to use them in a long race. I can typically handle zero drop shoes just fine for longer than 10 miles, so I¡¯m wondering if the low drop combined with an extremely flexible, soft sole might be the problem. Don¡¯t know. May have to give them another try on a moderate-length long run and see if i Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Womens sale t was just a fluke.

In the photo below of my well-worn pair, it almost looks as if the upper has molded to my foot shape a bit: The upper mesh consists of two layers, the outer layer is very open and stretchy, and the inner layer is a closed mesh that effectively keeps debris out of the shoe (a potential problem with a shoe that has very open mesh). Given the form-fitting yet stretchy nature of the upper, the inner closed mesh does make the shoe run a bit warm o Nike Air Max 90 Mens uk online n a hot day, but breathability is massively improved from v4.

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