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This is reminiscent Nike Free Run 6.0 vente en ligne of the Nike Free Flyknit that they released last year. I tried the Free Flyknit on at a Nike Outlet a few months ago (they were on a steep discount) and found them to be incredibly tight fitting, almost uncomfortably so. The reason being I think is that instead of a tongue and more traditional lacing, they rely on the tight fit of the Flyknit weave to hold the foot on top of the sole platform. It felt almost like a tight compression sock on top of a shoe sole. In his report on the Frees, Jeff Dengate reports that the new Free 3.0 v6 also has a rather tight fit, and this may kill the 3.0 for me.

Given the above features, I view the Nike Free 3.0 as a great choice as a transitional shoe if you¡¯re thinking about working your way down to running barefoot or in an extremely minimalist shoe like the Vibram Fivefingers. Som Nike Air Max 90 Femme vente en ligne e disagree with this approach, saying that going barefoot from the start is the best approach so that immediate sensory feedback from your feet can prevent you from doing too much, too soon, but the transitional approach worked well for me, and I have managed to avoid any serious injuries so far while running in Vibrams over the past 8-10 months (I should point out that although I¡¯ve tried barefoot running, I¡¯m not a barefoot runner). The important thing to remember with any new shoe, and with minimalist shoes in particular, is to not overdo it ¨C give your feet and legs time to adjust to these shoes, and resist the urge to do too much, too soon.


I¡¯m happy to announce that Nike has redeemed themselves with the Free 3.0 v5. It¡¯s a shoe worthy of the lineage to which it belongs, and is probably the best Nike Free of any flavor that I¡¯ve worn since the original Free 3.0 (Disclosure: the shoes reviewed here were provided free-of-charge for review purposes by Running Warehouse).

The authors summarize by saying: ¡°Knee and ankle mechanics when running barefoot were different to all shod conditions, including the minimalist shoe, indicating that the minimalist shoe cannot entirely replicate the mechanics of running barefoot.¡±

The Free 3.0 v5 is a pretty soft shoe. One of my favorite things about th Nike Air Max 90 Homme France e original Free 3.0 was that it made me feel like a ninja ¨C the soft sole and lack of rubber silenced my footfalls. This shoe has this same property ¨C if I¡¯m coming up behind someone walking their dog on the sidewalk I often have to make some noise to let them know I¡¯m about to pass. I¡¯ve startled enough people in my time to realize that most don¡¯t like to have someone running fast overtake them without some warning that they¡¯re there (it¡¯s a challenge when they¡¯re wearing headphone Nike Air Max 90 Fleurs s and I can¡¯t jump into the road due to traffic¡­).

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