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I¡¯ve never run in any of the iterations of the Free Nike Air Max 1 Womens Sale 4.0 shoes (Update: I have now posted a full review of the Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit). I tried on the v3 at a Nike store and the forefoot seemed to be a bit low in volume (top to bottom) for my foot. The 4.0 v4 moves from a traditional upper to a new Flyknit upper, but it retains a tongue and traditional lacing. I¡¯ve not tried a Flyknit upper shoe yet, and this one looks intriguing.

Another important point that the authors emphasize is that their subjects were very highly trained runners and that as a result they might ¡°already have highly consistent running mechanics and different types of shoes have little influence on their running gait.¡± They indicate that ¡°It is possible that lesser trained runners with less consistent mechanics may be more susceptible to changes in running gait when utilising a minimalist shoe.¡± As always, one must consider the subjects and conditions studied when applying the results of a scientific study, and I¡¯d once again love to take a look at individual variation.

The authors end the paper with the following conclusion, which I feel is a very nice summary of the implications of their study:¡°In conclusion, the dynamics ofrunning Nike Air Max 2014 UK Outlet overground while barefoot are different to that of running in a minimalist shoe that has cushioning and an elevated heel. Athletes and their coaches should not expect to instantly replicate barefoot running while in a minimalist shoe. Running barefoot does induce mechanical changes to habitually shod highly trained runners gait and it is inherently different to shod running. The increase in work done at the ankle must be considered when transitioning to running barefoot as too rapid a transition may overload the triceps surae complex. Conversely, the reduction in joint moments and work done at the knee while running barefoot may provide potential benefits for the management of knee pain and injury.¡±

This is reminiscent of the Nike Free Flyknit that they released last year. I tried the Free Flyknit on at a Nike Outlet a few months ago (they were on a steep discount) and found them to be incredibly tight fitting, almost uncomfortably so. The reason being I think is that instead of a tongue and more traditional lacing, they rely on the tight fit of the Flyknit weave to hold the foot on top of the sole platform. It felt almost like a tight compression sock on top of a shoe sole. In his report on the Frees, Jeff Dengate reports that the new Free 3.0 v6 also has a rather tight fit, and this may kill the 3.0 for me.

The Free 5.0 has traditionally been the best selling of the Free shoes (all are very popular) and retains a traditional style upper.The big change comes to the sole where we see a new hexagonal siping pattern instead of the squares that have long characterized the Free line.The 5.0 also has a more rounded heel which I think will be an improvement over the previous version ((I¡¯m not a fan of flared heels). Per Jeff Dengate¡¯s article, the Free 5.0 v2 weighs in at ~8oz and is 8mm drop (simila Nike Air Max 2014 Mens Cheap r to previous versions). MSRP for the 5.0 is $100 ¨C given my affinity for the Free shoes, I¡¯ll likely pick up a pair of these for a review when they are available.

In addition to introducing the shoe, Nike also provides a post about how several elite level runners use the Free Run+ in their own training ¨C these include the likes of Paula Radcliff and Kara Goucher ¨C not too shabby there. I like the look of the new shoe, and it will be interesting to hear feedback from th Nike Air Max 2014 Womens Sale e running community once it starts to hit the store shelves.

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