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After a phenomenal debut, the nike air max 2015 mens uk online Nike Free 3.0 line entered a steady downward spiral, culminating in one of the worst shoes I have worn since I started reviewing running shoes back in 2009. The Free 3.0 v4 had a nice, updated sole, but the NanoPly upper felt like it had been made from remnants of a ziploc freezer bag. It didn¡¯t have any give, leading to a very tight fit, and it didn¡¯t breathe. At all. It was a shoe built for fashion, not function.

About a month ago I wrote a series of posts in which I was critical of the newest member of Nike¡¯s Free line of minimalist running shoes: the Nike Free Run+. The strong response to these posts took me by surprise, and though I found a lot of agreement from readers, I think some people misunderstood the point I was trying to make. It wasn¡¯t so much that I had any particular problem with the Free Run+ itself (I¡¯m sure I¡¯d probably like running in them if I had a pair), it was moreso a problem with how the shoe is being marketed as one that promotes ¡°barefoot-like¡± running despite the fact that it has ¡°more cushioning,¡± a non-zero heel-toe offset, and increased arch support for ¡°improved stability.¡± The bare human foot does not have added cushioning beyond it¡¯s own soft tissues, has a zero offset, and has no external arch support for ¡°improved stability.¡± I find it very unlikely, given these design elements, that the Free Run+ will promote the midfoot/forefoot footstrike that is a hallmark of barefoot running ¨C this was the point I was trying to make in those posts. nike air max 2015 womens uk sale If Nike had simply pitched the Free Run+ as a minimalist shoe rather than emphasizing the barefoot-like angle in their marketing, I wouldn¡¯t have written those posts. I¡¯d love to give the Free Run+ a try so I can formally and fairly review it, but I can¡¯t justify spending money on it when Nike makes a Free shoe that is more minimalist than the Run+ ¨C the Free 3.0. The latter is the shoe that I will be discussing in this post.

This pitch shows that Nike is aiming squarely at the barefoot/minimalist running trend with this new shoe, yet I find it somewhat surprising then that the shoe is billed as having ¡°increased support under the arch for improved stability¡± and ¡°more cushioning for an exceptional ride.¡± Both of these run counter to the whole idea of minimalist and barefoot running, which preaches less support and less cushioning (and the best example of a shoe minimizing these is the Vibram Fivefingers).

This is reminiscent of the Nike Free Flyknit that they released last year. I tried the Free Flyknit on at a Nike Outlet a few months ago (they were on a steep discount) and found them to be incredibly tight fitting, almost uncomfortably so. The reason being I think is that instead of a tongue and more traditional lacing, they rely on the tight fit of the Flyknit weave to hold the foot on top of the sole platform. It felt almost like a tight compression sock on top of a shoe sole. In his report on the Frees, Jeff Dengate reports that the new Free 3.0 v6 also has a rather tight fit, and this may kill the 3.0 for me.

The real standout here in terms of biomechanical differences was barefoot running. Here are some of the key differences that were found for barefoot relative to the shoes:1. shorter stride length than all shod conditions 2. higher cadence than all shod conditions (avg. 187.7 steps/min) 3. less dorsiflexion of the ankle at initial contact (i.e., flatter foot placement at contact) 4. greater ankle plantarflexion at toe-off 5. reduced knee extension and abduction moments 6. less knee flexion during midstance (straighter leg) 7. smaller joint moments and less work done at the knee (24% less negative work when barefoot compared to the standard shoe) 8. greater joint moments and more work done at the ankle

The upper of the Free 3.0 v6 is disappointing since the 4mm drop sole looks great and has the most rounded heel of the 3 shoes in the collection (looks like Nike ID currently only allows mix/match between the new 4.0 and 5.0): Nike_Free_Flyknit_3.0_sole The other big issue with the 3.0 v6 is price ¨C the v5 had an MSR Nike Air Max 360 2011 Mens Trainers uk P of $110, and v6 jumps to $140. That¡¯s a pretty steep price for a shoe like this. In addition to the images, Nike also released the following video to accompany the release ¨C lots of nice slow-mo images of forefoot strikes:Being both a scientist and a shoe geek, I love learning about the process that goes into the design of running shoes. I¡¯ve been a fan of the Nike Free line since the original Free 3.0, and have run in many models since. With the exception of a few lemon Nike Air Max 2013 Kids uk sale s (e.g., Free 3.0 v4), I¡¯ve like almost all of them.

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