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Improvisational plus articles and information on Inspirational Why are we trying so hard? It is like we are in a race to get somewhere and we don't even know where that is anymore. We have lost contact with spirit and the purpose we have given our lives and we are going around in circles chasing our tails. I know better and yet I must catch myself from time to time and ask myself-why? The harder I try the less effective I am in manifesting what I desire. In the moment that I give into the system and stop trying to control it nike roshe run suomi , the easier it gets. I sometimes try to fool myself and say I need to know how it works so that I can pass it on to my readers and my ego really believes that. The fact is I discovered the secret long ago and have written many articles about it. I exposed the secret to manifesting and have demonstrated how it works effectively and I still constantly try to control it. I have learned but have not fully appreciated that there is nothing I have to do. Survival is guaranteed as long as you know that it is so. Love, abundance and happiness are just a thought away, yet I insist on going through all the physical manifestations to make it happen. Life is so very easy once you begin to let it happen-once you know what it is you want to experience. It doesn't appear to be the human thing to just let things happen. We need to know how it happens and why, we need to be in control and move past ourselves, to be greater than all that we know, to be God! In an effort to be God we have forgotten that we already are--that all of us are a piece of that which we call the creator and we are driven to prove it physically. It just doesn't appear to be enough to know it, but we must be able to prove it. It is the human thing to look for purpose in our lives nike roshe run halvalla , and yet we look outside of ourselves to others for definition. We have forgotten that it is our ego that attaches purpose to our existence and has nothing to do with life. Life is purpose unto itself, it is self evident, its only purpose is to "be." It is in those moments that we let go, that we find the inner peace that we search for. It is a moment of surrender and knowingness that life will take care of itself. It is not about giving up, but giving into the process that will bring us what we desire. It is when we have this glimpse into our inner being that we realize that there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about and nothing to want. We try to fool ourselves and say that rest es in death, but death is just another beginning and a repeat of the former life if we have not yet learned how to give into the rhythm of life that moves in and out with each breath of air that we take. Our bodies have learned to surrender to this automatic nike roshe run print trainers , natural movement and sustain itself until a new thought es along that ends it. It is in the 65,000 or so thoughts that we have every day that try to take control that causes the confusion. It is poor choice and alienation from what it is that we desire and wish to experience in this lifetime that leads us to a life of struggle, disappointment and a sense of un-fulfilment. The truth is that we have made our lives too plicated within our ability to be effective. It is when we move within our own rhythm or the beat of our own drum that we can truly enjoy life. Life is not in petition with life, and it is glorified within the ability to adapt and harmonize with the environment it finds itself. As one finds peace within oneself, heshe will find peace in all the things that are manifested into their lives, because peace is what is manifested first. A person does not have to walk around in long, saintly robes through flower beds to demonstrate inner peace. Peace can be found on the corporate ladder as long as one is in tune with their natural abilities and are acting selfishly to manifest their lives in harmony with spiritual awareness. To balance one's life nike air max 90 white suomi , you must look inward, and forget about what people have told you about yourself and what your purpose is. Discover yourself as if for the first time. Acknowledge what brings true happiness into your life, what you like and don't like. Learn to act intuitively and in harmony with the purpose that you have defined for yourself. Learn to be flexible and know that your purpose and truth will change from time to time, acknowledge that life is constantly moving as does your environment and belief systems. Immediately drop the concepts of "right and wrong," "good and bad." Replace those perceptions with "what works," and "what does not work." Understand that there is no reward for living a virtuous life, nor is there any punishment for living an immoral life nike air max 90 musta , except for that which you bring upon yourself either way. Heaven and Hell are places in your mind and are experienced by you before or after death because that is what you believe. Peace is also a place in your mind and you demonstrate it in physical life by doing peaceful things. All of physical life is just a manifestation of your own thoughts. You create all the circumstances of your life; you are not a victim of it. Choose what you want to experience. Take responsibility for your life and your death and you will have made the connection to the power that is rightfully yours. Know also that death is not an escape but a rebirth into another life that takes over where you left off in this one. Life is easy or hard as you determine it, it is your thoughts that lead you to demonstrate physically how easy or hard it is. Peace, love and abundance are yours the very second you believe that you have these things. And from that moment on it is all you will bring into your life until your thoughts change again. You cannot ever find these things until you know that you have them. I cannot stress long and hard enough how powerful your words are. Listen to your chR.

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