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Part 1: Is it wrong to date several people during the same time period or should a person date each person one at a time? This question was asked of Christian singles on an online Christian singles dating site. Here are their responses: Female - Age Range: 21-30 I really think the answer to this question depends a great deal upon what it meant by the term 'dating.' when our grandparents were teens Chris Conley Black Jersey , dating meant spending time with one whom was considered to be a possibility for a marriage partner. In the 21st century, it is highly unlikely that anyone in the the US will marry someone that they do not first date. However, dating by today's standards is totally different than it was fifty years ago. Today people will often refer to having dinner with someone of the opposite sex as having a 'date.' If the purpose of dating is merely to increase one's number of friends, dating several people at once is perfectly fine. However Chase Daniel Black Jersey , if one of the individuals in the dating relationship feels that the the relationship is more than just friendship, then it is unwise to go on dates with others as well. The key here is communication. It is important to communicate one's expectations of the current 'dating' relationship as well as how outside 'dates' would be perceived. I personally don't like the idea of dating. I hold strongly to the idea that two people ought to be able to become friends while with a group of others. Dating as it is done today simply encourages acting as someone that may not be a reality. Interacting in a group takes the pressure off of individuals to entertain each other and leads to healthy interaction and friendship building, which is what marriage should be all about. Female - Age Range: 21-30 I think the Lord asks us to be single hearted for him, why not in dating too? Female - Age Range: 31-40 It should be understood that dating is a getting-to-know-meyou period and not an established relationship. Except it's love-at-first-sight Cairo Santos Black Jersey , that level of understanding should be established between the dating partners, so that either is free to date another person if heshe chooses to. It is not wrong to date more than one person simultaneously, and the age doesn't matter, as everyone has a preference and a particular taste. Female - Age Range: 31-40 Yes it is wrong. I choose who to date based on my assessment of the person in a preliminary platonic stage. At this preliminary stage Ben Grubbs Black Jersey , I am free to get to know several people at the same time, because I have a detached non-emotional relationship with each person. I use this time to eliminate all but one person, and that is the sole person that I date. At this dating stage I need to be in an exclusive relationship because both of us are investing our emotions in this relationship and we have high expectation of each other and of ourselves and christians. We would be deceiving each date if we are secretly seeing other people at the same time and that is not a christian way to conduct our lives. Female - Age Range: 41-50 Yes. I believe it is wrong, especially if there was a mutual agreement not to. Also Anthony Sherman Black Jersey , by dating and talking with more that one person it brings about confusion therefore not allowing the relationship a fair chance to mature and progress as it will or will not. Besides, most people know within a few days of talking if there is a relationship worth pursuing. Female - Age Range: 41-50 It is to difficult to remember what you have and haven't shared with several people at a time. It is extremely time consuming and is confusing to ones emotions. If one has any integrity it will not be a reasonable option. Female - Age Range: 41-50 I believe that if you are looking for a special someone to settle down with you should investigate the spiritual qualities and morals in the individual. There's nothing wrong with a casual dinner, drive or walk with the same person on a couple of occasions. But one must be careful not to lead the other person on if it's not their intention. On the other hand some people prefer to date one at a time but through it all whether it be a good catch or not, at least we would have met a new friend. Female - Age Range: 41-50 I don't think there is anything wrong with dating more than one person at once Allen Bailey Black Jersey , as long as it stays on a friendship basis. Once it moves into something more serious then one should be exclusive. I would love the opportunity to date more than one, but dating one even, is a challenge in the 40 something years! When I was 18 (a very long time ago), I had more than one date with different guys on some weekends. The years and a few pounds have sure made a difference. The thing is I am more fun than I was then Alex Smith Black Jersey , I can cook better and am a whole lot wiser and even a better sense of humor, although a bit cynical at times. The other big change is a mature walk with the Lord and we talk about everything. It is good to have the only absolutely dependable being as my best friend at my side at all times. Female - Age Range: 41-50 I believe it is quite possible to be 'going out' with several people at the same time as long as all parties are aware of what is happening. Honesty and integrity does allow for getting to know several people at the same time. The main ingredient is to be honest and treat all parties with Christian respect and concern. Once a relationship gets to the point of being exclusive, it is definitely inappropriate to be seeing more than one person at a time. Male - Age Range: 21-30 I being a man and speaking with experience feel it's okay to date several people at one time, if those people are in an area where they will never see you dating someone else. You limit yourself if you just do one person at a time. After all Aaron Murray Black Jersey , it is a way of finding out the person you like better. Women on the other hand, I know from experience if she finds out her man is dating someone else, she will either dump him or start a catfight with the other . Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys

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