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While these characters are not the ones most fans came to see, they are important part of making baseball family-oriented fun and visually pleasing sporting event. Mascots have been used since the beginning of the sports and at one time were real animals. These animals help to create a sense of identity and pride in the home team. Although their main purpose is fun Rangers Ron Greschner Jersey , there is a serious side to putting on the costume.

Going to school

Being a professional mascot isn't as easy as putting on a costume and running onto the field. There are actually training schools and seminars mascots have to take in order to be a part of the profession. One part of the profession involves being trained in either gymnastics or acrobatics in order to do the pratfalls and wonders that mascots can do.

They also need to take specialized training in the rules of the sport at which they are performing to make sure they don't violate any boundaries or interfere with play in any way. Mascots learn tricks, songs and ways to keep the audience interactive and happy. Many mascots get training through high school and college before they enter the professional arena. Some even start at minor-league games and are called up to the big leagues, just like baseball players. Mascots are the new vaudeville for our age.

A dangerous job

Any professional mascot will tell you doing pratfalls is not without pitfalls. There are dangers that can happen. The most common problem is severe dehydration from wearing a 20 to 30 pound costume in heat, humidity and for long periods of time. Mascots must take frequent breaks and continue to hydrate themselves in order to keep their physical health at a maximum.
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