the cabin Lisa and her ex-husband had bought almost a.

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rneath the dress to make her happy.couple Black Friday Celebrity Dresses , married 65 years, die just 11 hours apart: Family says love story ending shows devotionThe couple, both 33, met at a swim club at the University of British Columbia in 2007.We didn t want to make a big deal out of the wedding, Caylee told the Sun.dress Caylee wore was borrowed from her younger sister who gave permission for it to be used over salt water.But it was hardly love at first sight after she made fun of her future husband’s Speedo.The Auges and their two daughters are heading to France for a honeymoon and visit with family.possibly Flipper, I but cannot confirm.was on the phone at the same time, talking smack about a wedding.she was telling the poor sod on the other line, as I gingerly elbowed for space at the desk, wearily shifting through forms at 74 Victoria Street, aka the ground-zero Passport Office in Toronto.the matron went on, sniffing and giving her very best Dowager Countess of Grantham.Her tude gave me pause.Her Montblanc gave me envy.we re all in the same row boat, but a proper pen can, at the very least, lend the occasion some dignity.lay a pen that d come from an airport Holiday Inn, presumably when I d run into a boo-boo with a connecting flight back from L.pocket have unearthed a pen I d nicked from the darling Hotel Jerome, in Aspen, at such an auspicious time as this?I was there in February.Or what about a pen from the Soho House, in Berlin, from my travels last summer?there was a nifty writing instrument from the ranch-style Four Seasons in Uruguay that I got to in Oh-Ten.Seeing that I cannot professionally jet or set with a Canada-sanctioned document, this social columnist felt a trickle verklempt as he set about saying buh-bye to his old passport.Oh, the parties I had seen.Oh Black Friday Ball Gowns , the celebrities I had tracked.Marking the seasons, I strove to count: how many Art Basels in Miami had there been with this navy-blue buddy whose time now ticked?How many Cannes Film Fests?It was with this very document I had gone, after all, to the lavish re-opening of the Mamounia Hotel, in Morocco, a few Christmases ago, joining the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow at that desert-set blow-out.Clearly, I was being a silly billy.have a lower level of oxygen, thus causing general verklemptiude.I ll stick to the latter story.asked me if I was going to be applying for the new 10-year passport (an option that Canada recently introduced).I think so, I told him.It occurred to me he looked not unlike Forrest Whitaker as The Butler.I don t even know if I m going to be alive then!Five years is good enough for me.But wait what about me?That chill they speak of ran up my spine.To sign up for the new 10-year evidently required a necessary glass-is-half-full stance but 10 years?Would I still be going to parties professionally?An Edvard Munch-like horror screamed.Who knew getting one s passport could spur such a crisis?I decided then: Ten years it going to me.That s what I said to myself.Added bonus: you get to stay frozen in time, pic-wise!Filling out the deets, and taking a ticket stub to go see someone at a counter in the next step in this rigamarole, I waited.and certainly people have been waiting longer in line for Cronuts.Finally, up: my number.was lovely to talk to.A sterling bedside manner.She informed me that though the 10-year passport is convenient, it doesn t come with double the pages of the five-year-passport.Be forewarned: her eyes told me.But what about Ryan Gosling?Does he not get more pages from Canada?There s a lot of travel involved in being a movie star, y know?Actually, that isn t what I said but I sure wanted to.Yes, I told the woman, I ll still go with the 10-year-passport.What choice is there in life, after all, except optimism?Jane Macdougall: Here comes the tideIndulge me once again as I use the dog days of summer to try my hand at fiction.but real fiction Black Friday Sweet 16 , such as the stories I tell myself while ironing or waiting for an appointment.My plan is to snap back to reality when the kids go back to school.We’ll see how it goes.Cars were parked on the lawn but no one answered her rap on the door.Instructions had been simple: Let yourself in; take the bunk bedroom.Lisa hauled her bags out from the back seat.Humping an over-weighted purse high onto her back, she reached for the door handle.A thousand welcomes had worn the old hardware down to its basic alloy.Lisa turned the handle to the right until it resisted.She then leaned into the door jamb and, while lifting the door slightly on its hinges, continued turning.Still waiting on a drop of oil, she clucked.But with a sly wink, the door yawned open.This doorknob: It was like a secret handshake.Don had initiated her to the knack of it years ago joking that it was a low-tech security device.Funny, what you remember.RelatedJane Macdougall: Next-door dramas and summertime salutationsJane MacDougall: Humbert in the skyExcept for the tangle of electronic devices on the table, the cabin was a bell jar.A framed pastel of a starfish signed in jumbo capital letters.A quarter century of beach glass curated in a shallow bowl.She was surprised to be bedding down at the cabin, in the first place.In all the years she’d made the trek to the cabin, she’d never taken more than a duffel bagBut given the scant accommodation choices on the island, her daughter had insisted that family keep the commercial options open for guests.Her son had already upended his bags onto the top bunk.In all the years she’d made the trek to the cabin, she’d never taken more than a duffel bag, but this year was different.There were already three garment bags hanging in the bunk bedroom: a bridal gown; the groom’s ensemble, the best man’s get up, and now her dress, the mother of the bride’s.Hailey, her first born, was getting married.An idea had been floated to exchange vows in the old orchard at the cabin.Once hatched, the plans had become intractable.That the wedding would be held at the cabin Lisa and her ex-husband had bought almost a.

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