And I think itís just wonderful that you wear them differently

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ain Street in Vancouver.in ivory organza embroidered with oversized gold irises (my favourite flower).It has a tiny little waist so I knew it would never fit me 2016 Charming Dresses High-Low Dresses , but I bought it anyhow because I hoped one day I would have a teenage daughter to give it to.I have had it hung on my bedroom wall like art ever since.When I look at it I dream of my daughter Violet (now two years old) wearing it as a young woman on a special night.Iíve also got a shocking pink and black faux fur bomber jacket that I am saving for her.Itís a quirky Todd Oldham piece that looks like it came straight out of the wardrobe truck from the film Clueless.Itís truly a bit mad but that brand was so iconic when I was first coming into my own with fashion that I could never bear to part with it.Joyce GunhouseCo-designer of Comrags, and daughter Sally, 15For me, Iíve always had a collection of little vintage house dresses.And just recently Sally started wearing one of my favourites.Thereís some history here.Or I wonder who wore this dress, what their life was like.my friends just the kind of music I was listening to at the time.Sheís 15, so itís really hard for me, that love of the í80s thatís been revived.Why are you wearing acid wash?But then just the other day she went to a party and she wanted to wear a dress, and when she described the dress she wanted it was very similar to one we had done in the í80s, so I used an old pattern of ours, adjusted it a little bit, and she wore new vintage Comrags.was a silk floral shirtdress that was her honeymoon dress.And it just really has that feeling of tradition, it was custom-made for her at Hudsonís Bay, and itís just a really beautiful dress.I donít think itís necessarily her style that Iíve picked up.Iím way more relaxed, way more grungy, I guess.Judy CornishCo-designer of Comrags, and daughter Georgia, 22My mother used to sew all the time, and in the í60s she would make my sister and I dresses to match her dress.But our dresses always had waists on them, and hers always had a seam under the bust.Iíve given my daughter two pieces recently that I used to wear all the time 2016 Charming Dresses One-shoulder Dresses , that I wore practically to death, and sheís started wearing them now because theyíre both so great on her.One is an old Dries Van Noten dress from one of his very first collections when he was just starting out, and itís a long black floor-length sleeveless dress with a big slit in the back.And I did save it for Georgia from the time I realized she was going to really like it.The other thing that she wears now that I just recently gave to her is an old Zapata dress.They were big Canadian designers in the í80s.Itís a black sheer georgette dress with a rubberized floral print on it, and it looks totally modern and totally current.So both of those things are what she wears now of mine.My mom always made us versions of what she was wearing.And so for me I grew up never really needing to covet anything of my motherís because I had it all.She was the one that taught me to sew.We always had the same dresses, same fabric, same silhouette.We all dressed alike.It was me and my sister and mom, all looking the same.Diane BaldDesign director, RootsMy most coveted items are one from my mother.In particular, my George Jensen ring, circa 1950, which my father gave to her and she wore her whole life.I will pass that on to my daughter.s Kelly bag from 1952 that she gave me.Itís a little beat up but thatís how I like it.they might go to the kids if they were interested.But the truth is that I just ended up giving to a second-hand store to sell virtually all my old good Saint-Laurent pieces, and stuff Iíd really been hoarding for years.I just realized, as much as you can love these things and hope your kids will love them, the truth is that the way of fashion, technology changes.And probably one of the biggest changes in technology weíve seen with fashion has been fabric.And the old fabrics, many of them were lovely but they just donít work with todayís lifestyle as well.The things I think I will keep and pass to the kids are my coats.I love coats; I never seem to want to get rid of them.I always think thereís another opportunity somewhere, maybe because I like colour, but I also think that coats have personality, and they can just be the top layer to something.So even if whatís underneath isnít wonderful 2016 Charming Dresses Mermaid Dresses , if youíve got this great coat on top, it can work.I think Iíve amassed probably more than I should, and itís not that any of them are so over-the-top fantastic, but theyíre all unique, and they all hold a special place for me.My girls are both very tall, and as a result they can carry the more exaggerated shapes that perhaps have gone through the years.a very black phase because it just works, and itís a good backdrop.So she gets creative with her black, which is fun.Itís great for me, because when I pass on stuff itís usually got some colour to it, so it can add that little extra punch into something.The other things Iíll keep for the kids for sure are the great pieces of costume jewellery Iíve amassed over the years.I inherited some from my mother and grandmother and have loved it.And I think itís just wonderful that you wear them differently from how your grandmother or your mother wore them.But itís always special because when youíre wearing them youíre wearing a piece of them.So hopefully the girls will feel the same way when I pass stuff like that on to them.Sisters Natalie and Celene GeeGee Beauty, on mother MiriamBecause we grew up so close in age, we always were in our motherís closet at the same time!When we were little girls, it was always our motherís lipstick and jewellery that we played dress-up with!a classic í80s beauty look, obviously!But now, we go into her closet for her great jackets, her scarves and her inspiration.Celene loves my motherís vintage Chanel tweed black and white jacket.And I love her leopard scarves.Always sophisticated and sexy.we tend to share most of my closet almost all the time.Many times .

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