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g designed.is the only floor we are not touching in this round of renovations.It has been a year since Rodbell Homecoming Dresses , 57, took over the role of president from fashion maven Bonnie Brooks, including the role as company spokeswoman on a series of radio ads.Rodbell’s voice is distinctly different from Brooks’s, but is similarly husky and commanding).We have lots of businesses firing.In the fourth quarter ended Jan.same-store sales, an important retailing bellwether, rose 3.per cent at HBC’s chains including Saks and its off-price banner, climbing 2.per cent at The Bay and Lord Taylor.RelatedHere comes the bridal boutique: Hudson’s Bay opens Kleinfeld in bid to capture bigger share of wedding marketBrooks, now the company’s vice-chair, was credited for reviving the Canadian department store chain’s sense of style, axing stodgy brands in favour of trendier lines and trading heavily on the company’s roots in this country and its distinctively striped point blanket.Rodbell, who is also head of the company’s U.chain Lord Taylor, has an equally compelling fashion pedigree, steadily ascending the executive ladder at the U.chain after getting her start as a dress buyer at Lord Taylor in 1985.Based in New York, Rodbell estimates she is in Canada about three out of the four weeks per month, often travelling around the country to do in-store visits.says Bruce Winder, a retail consultant at J.Williams Group in Toronto.That helps in a number of ways.A lot of execs come up through the finance side Sweet 16 , or the head office environment only.knows what works at stores, and what the stores are going through and she brings instant credibility with the people in the field, because she is one of them.She was brought up in an environment where service is king.Wearing Son: I have a 4-year-old son whom I take with me to the salon regularly to get his finger- and toenails trimmed.Recently he has asked to have his toenails painted like his sister and I do.He gets superhero designs and thinks it’s awesome.My husband, on the other hand, hates it.He says due to where we live, the painted nails will cause social problems with the other kids and parents.I say A) they’re his toes, which are mainly covered by socks, so no one but us will even see.And (more importantly) B) other parents can suck it.I’m not willing to say no to my kid over something so minor even if it makes other people, including my husband, insecure.A: I love the description of your son’s manly pedi!I agree with you that he should continue to rock the superhero toes.Sure, your husband might be right that this might mean some people will tease him, and you have to gently prepare him for that.But I’m also guessing that his friends are less imbued with old gender stereotypes than your husband.It’s likely your son’s classmates will love his twinkle toes.You can point out to your husband that we live in an era in which football players rock long braids and sometimes wear their hair in buns.I’m sure your husband is also aware that many men wear earrings, something that would have been shocking in another era.I hope that your son’s toes cause such a positive clamor that popular demand leads you to have a pedicure birthday party when he turns 5.Re: MIL Dress for Wedding: My MIL did not propose wearing her wedding dress, but purchased a dress more suitable for a baby shower or Sunday morning at church than her own son’s wedding.I thought this was hilarious but said nothing because I figured she could look as ridiculous as she wanted.One of her friends brought her back to her senses, she wore the original dress to our rehearsal dinner, and purchased something more appropriate for the wedding.But it’s been nine years and I still laugh about this Purple Quinceanera Dresses , as it’s indicative of just how clueless and socially inept she is.and was going to wear it to her son’s wedding!No wonder that nine years later you are still laughing at this pathetic excuse of a woman!Forgive me if I don’t understand the sartorial distinction between a dress appropriate for church and one appropriate for a wedding.I can only hope it doesn’t involve wearing a bib.Your mother-in-law may indeed not have much fashion sense and be an awkward person.You sound like an unpleasant one.I’ve been bitten by a bat and also charged with soliciting a prostituteDear Prudence: Help!starting when he was 16Q.Grieving: Acceptance or Denial?A few weeks ago, my mother died at age of 56 after a long battle with cancer.My father was her main caregiver, but I lived with them in their house and visited nearly every day while she was hospitalized.The last few months have been brutal.While she was sick, I was a nervous wreck and constantly crying in my car or anywhere else I could be alone.But now that she’s gone and the funeral is over, I feel weirdly calm.I still miss her, but I’m not hysterical as I once was and I’m mostly back to my normal routine.Is this normal or should I be worried that my feelings of grief have been delayed/repressed when they should exist?Dad is still clearly not back to normal, and I feel guilty that I’m adjusting without too much trouble.A: You say your mother went through a long, brutal struggle and that you were almost undone by it.So you were grieving deeply while you watched her slip away, and working through contemplating the world without her.It’s not at all unusual for someone in your situation to feel a sense of relief and release at knowing a terminally ill loved one is no longer suffering.Please stop feeling guilty.Surely your mother would want you to let go of your pain and feel re-engaged in your young life.Your sense of calm now does not at all mean a breakdown is in your future.But missing your mother will be a process that changes for you over time, and be prepared to be taken by surprise at unexpectedly, and acutely, feeling her loss.That will be normal, too.But do feel glad that your worst sorrow has passed and you are feeling pleasure again.Re: Nail Polish: I live in a deeply conservative Southern a.

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